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Hello everyone

As some might have read, myself & Willybob 123 have majorly painful feet & legs.

I thought others who also suffer with 'the foot thing' could advise on what they do or take in particular for this problem.

It's one thing having to emotionally cope with feeling like 'death' thanks to a knackered thyroid but not being able to stand or walk comfortably and thinking that your next option is a wheelchair!!! is plain barmy & unacceptable.

We are entitled to once again LOVE life not just exist. But of rant at the end there, but it's true.

Peace & love to y'all

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Sorry have not had time to read all your threads - so how is your B12 and VitD ?? If both are LOW then you may suffer the symptoms you have explained ....

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Hello Marz

Thanks for replying. Sometime back, Seaside Susie kindly looked at my results & advised on Vits needed. So, I'm on all sorts including B12 & Vit D3 for just over a month & I'm feeling brighter, although the benefits haven't travelled as far down to my feet & legs yet.

I will need to retake blood tests again but am just waiting on my order of Nutri Thyroid & Nutri Adrenal Extra & get going on them again now they are FINALLY back in stock!

Thanks again Marz 🙂


Do you have any lower back issues ? - I only ask as I ended up having very expensive spinal surgery in Germany - when I now feel it was due to B12 deficiency that caused my dead legs and feet. I inject weekly and am without pain - still numbness ....


Once you are supplementing B12 - further testing is of little significance as the results will be skewed. The blood test shows what is in the blood - B12 is needed in the cells :-)


Yes, I do have lower back problems.

The 'small' of my back, then just under it going from left hip to right hip.

My left hip sticks out, is very painful all of the time & my left leg feels longer, so it's strides out differently than the other leg (a Podiatrist some 5 yrs ago said it is longer but that's because my back is 'out' & that appears to be the cause)

My left leg gives me trouble from top to toe.

I take your point on the blood test & B12.

I've just started reasearching & taking an interest into how certain Vits & other supplements are taken in & required by cells & it's absolutely fascinating.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with me.

I'm always encouraged by all you good folk on this forum. Learning & applying is vital if we are take ownership of our health.

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The above link takes you to the list of signs and symptoms of B12 Deficiency ...

Click onto Films in the Menu headings and view just how important B12 is :-)


Thanks Marz, I'll check out the film 👍🏻

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Have you thought of a shoe raise for the right foot? Although the problem comes from the hip/back a slight raise to the right shoe could help with alignment and ease pain.

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Hello Soppysokes

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, I have custom made insoles due to developed fallen arches/plantar fasciitis. Wouldn't be without them at all even though I still get problems. Probably had the insoles for about 6 years

I should really get a referral to an orthopaedic specialist & get checked out again.

Thanks again


Hi Paula yup it could well be a good idea they do need replacing quite regularly and re checked for correct fitting. I believe it is thought that anything from around 1/2" - 3/4" upwards in differing leg lengths does often cause problems and would benefit from a heel raise in shoe. Good luck finding an answer.

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I has really sore ankles and feet, so bad I could only walk for about 10 minutes before limping. Really got me down. Then started t3 and within days, I felt normal again. I havent experienced pain since.


Hi Debbie2012

That's a few times now I heard about T3 for painful feet.

Thanks for that, I'm going to get me some 👍🏻 on line.

It would be better than winning the lottery & life changing if I end up with pain free feet.

All the very best


Good for you. I remember going away for a weekend city break, and hobbling about, supported by my man. I felt as if I was 90. When I went back home I went to my gp and asked for t3 as I said something had to change. I was then referred to an endo who prescribed it for me. It honestly changed my life. I really hope it works for you....dont ever give up xx

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Thanks Debbie2012

It's a relief to know there are others with same symptoms & that you are NOT going mad!

Who would have thought that a knackered thyroid could cause painful feet but there you go.

Thanks again 🙂


Plantar fasciitis can be low T3. Mine vanished within weeks of starting small dose T3. Lots of others have found similar result

Painful bones low vitamin D

What are your vitamin levels like?

I see you have Hashimoto's and gluten free. We often struggle with poor conversion

Recent Thyroid test results ?

All thyroid tests should be done as early as possible in morning and fasting and don't take Levo in the 24 hours prior to test, delay and take straight after. This gives highest TSH and most consistent results

Have you considered DIO2 gene test



Dear SlowDragon

Thanks so much, I'm learning so much on this forum.

Is there a particular brand of T3 you'd recommend that I could buy online? I've not gone down the GP road as my old practice was absolutely rubbish, so been a Dr P patient for a while.

Vit D (25 OH) L 37 Deficient Insufficient 25-50.

Currently taking D3 with cofactors for 6 wks at 10,000 iu daily, reducing to 5,000 daily after 6 wks.

Thyroid results:-

TSH H6.15

T4 total 79.1

Free T4 12.80

Free T3 4.46

I will retest again at some point. With the adjustments I'm making & minerals, vitamins & supplements I'm on, I can't wait to retest & see new results.

Of course, going on symptoms alone, I feel much better than a few weeks ago.

I've not heard of the gene test, I'll definitely check out your link, thanks again.

Forever grateful 👍🏻


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