I have hashmotos . and for the last 3 weeks have had a lot of pain in my ankles and are very painful. when i walk after a few hours of getting up in the morning my ankles swell up and they feel stiff went to doctors had blood test s done they came back normal . doctor said may need x ray it was in 1 foot now the other one is the same had pain in joints before but nothing as bad as this any idea any one

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  • It could have been with higher urate levels or increase in weight. Please mention your body weight.

  • i am 10 stone 5ft 7ins

  • How are your Vit D levels?

  • ....sometimes it can be caused by weakened muscles - they have to do the job of supporting bones. We have more muscles than bones. Are you converting the T4 into the Active T3 ? Often low T3 can cause muscle weakness. VitD needs testing as suggested along with the other basics - B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron. When optimal they will help in converting the T4 into the much needed T3....

    Do you have copies of the results that your Doc said were normal - what is normal ?

    I have Hashimotos and suffered swollen ankles. Happens very rarely now....

  • Just read a recent post of yours - and yes I can see that your FT3 was below range. So I think it may be one of your answers. Should have checked past posts first. I see you also have osteoporosis - have you had the PTH - parathyroid hormone checked..... ? The pain in your feet could be connected with the spine....

  • Hi I have the same problem in fact is how I started my thyroid

    Journey the surprise is I'm hyper

    i was only diagnosed 12weeks and feeling somewhat better except for my feet ankles it seems to up my calfs as well I also have it on the pad behind thumb

  • I've had painful feet for 7 years now. My ankles are always swollen too. The pain is where my toes join my feet and the balls of my feet are swollen and painful. I had a scan and it's not plantar faciitis. My feet were so bad at one time I couldn't wear shoes and couldn't move my toes. My toes feel like there's a lot of nerve pain. Injecting B12 has made no difference, neither has T3. I get pain up to my calves too, my calf muscles are hard and inflexible. I lose so much sleep with this pain.

  • Thank you all for your posts. Noe waiting. For xray. Doc said it has nothing. To do with thyroid. Blood test come. Back. With. High. Blood count. He said. If was any. High er. I would have. To take aspian. Don't need anything else. Just need a new body.

  • It can be caused by low thyroid...very common to have edema. The Liver and Kidney's, heart etc..don't work right when hypo. What do your labs look like?

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