Losing my voice

Since March of this, I keep losing my voice intermittently. It seems to happen at any time, though I have notice it can occur with dust (my allergy test came back negative for dust mites), fumes or at any time. After running the typical allergy tests, my results came back as normal. I also had an ultrasound on my thyroid which again came back as normal. I have Hashimotos. Does anyone else have the same symptoms?

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Is it usually in the evening? Do you have a job where you have to strain your voice? It could be nodules on your vocal chords. I had them, diagnosed by camera down my throat. They went away when I learnt how to protect my voice.

Hello MidnightBlue. Thank you for your reply. My voice can go at anytime of the day. It went yesterday and I had not left the house or spoke to anyone until the phone rang and I realised my voice had gone again. Good news on your recovery.

Hi, MidnightBlue. Can you tell me how did you protect your voice? I am currently losing my voice around 11pm. I don't know why or what to do to prevent it. :(

I would advise seeing a GP as it does need investigating. If it turns out to be nodules then they will refer you for speech therapy. I had lots of exercises to do that helped, but now I have forgotten them. To be honest, I simply learnt to not strain my voice. I don't shout over noise ( I am a teacher!), and I try and project my voice from my belly if I have to talk loudly.

I am sensitive to weeds and grass, if I encounter them without having taken an anti histamine, I lose my voice and because I have asthma,I can't breathe either.

Maybe you could try some anti histamine?

G x

Hi G, thanks for your reply. Anti histamine did not make any difference. It's a mystery!

Hi NIKO7, I also lose my voice it started within 6 months of RAI. I have seen 4 ENT specialists they all give a different cause. 2 endos said it wasn't my thyroid as I was well medicated. My Speach and language therapist was very clear that it was thyroid related. Mine started off gradual then as each day passed it got worse mine is my supraglitic muscles get too tight they squeeze almost shut then I can't get enough air in its really horrid. I don't know if it's connected to nodules I know I had one on my thyroid before it was destroyed. I am now on full T3 which seems to have helped but if for any reason I am under dosed it affects my voice. You do also need to make sure your GP referees you to ENT they need to check that all is ok and I do think you need to check your medication levels. I hope your Speach doesn't get too bad. :-)

Thanks RubyRed. When I first experienced it my GP put it down to an allergy and when the allergy test came back clear she said it was one of those things and we would probably never know. Maybe I will try another GP. I am glad yours has settled.

Hi Nik07,

For the last year my voice is hoarse, but it'll come and go. Doctor's said acid reflux, silent acid reflux, sinus drip...but 2 barium swallows of my esophagus say I have no acid reflux silent or otherwise. I do have sinus drip but that also comes and goes for whatever reason. I've had many allergy tests and am not allergic to anything. Now I've started having great trouble breathing, sleeping, choking, swallowing...and I have 3 thyroid nodules. Now finally the doctor says one of them has gotten big enough to have surgery. He also believes this is causing most of not all of my problems. I'd absolutely demand more with regard to your thyroid, you won't want to get to this point I'm at. But of course with as with all things, it can be so many things, and I suppose that's why I got the medical brush off for so long.


Hi Nik07

I am trying to understand exactly what your voice is doing.. when you say 'losing my voice' do you mean it goes to a whisper?...does it tremor or break?...do you find you have to 'strain' to get the words out?... if you answered yes to any of these then you may possibly have Spasmodic Dysphonia...there is some correlation between thyroid disorders and spasmodic dysphonia... mention it to your doctor and see what they say... good luck...

Hi Mikobadr, many thanks for your reply. I stumbled across this a few weeks ago and wondered if this was the problem. My voice tends to go to a whisper and I do struggle to get the words out. There is no tremor. I have noticed it seems to happen more when I feel stressed. I feel a restriction in my throat and it feels very dry. Thanks again, much appreciated.

Hi there

my voice is exactly the same it goes very raspy/hoarse and my job involves talking to clients all day- I get a very sore throat. It is on my list of things to raise with my GP next TUesday as a major hurdle to my life- I am an adviser I need my voice!!! I went to A&E once and they said it was laryngitis but now I fear it is linked to my thyroid. Have you had any progress on your issue?

Hello, I have not followed it up as yet as I am self monitoring. Mine seems to restrict and I feel a dry sensation in the back of my throat when I feel stressed. The first time I got it the Gp said it was laryngitis as well! Good luck with your gp and let me know your progress.

Just to let you know I am seeing Dr P on monday for first time- I am going to ask him about my throat in context of thyroid. I am currently three weeks in to self medicating on west throid pure- 1 3/4 grains a day- feel slightly better. will let you know what he says about throat issues- i suspect goiter but GP poo poo's me! oh and I have antibodies- meaning hashimotos- but my GP says it will get better by itself.......hmmmmmmmmm

Hi, nice to hear from you. Good luck for Monday. Hopefully you will have a better response from Dr P. Good also to hear you're feeling a little better. Except for my raised antibodies, I am feeling much better but it has taken time. Please do let me know he says about your throat, I do hope it is not a goiter. Fingers crossed.

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