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rude voice---hypothyroidism

Few years back, I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism, but then it was treated well. Tested again and the result came out negative. However, when I speak, people think I'm angry and the listener doesn't find my tone polite. Although I try my best to conversate at the politest level, the problem seems to be increasing day by day. Then I stopped talking. But you know sometimes you really want to speak things out. Some people always remind me of my tone. Believe me, it's unbearable now. Does anyone experience the same thing? Any thoughts? Will appreciate. Thanks.

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One thing more my throat feels like choked. Sometimes I have to struggle a bit to swallow saliva. When I speak I sound like a teenager.

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Hi s-shah, welcome to the forum.

My voice has definitely changed - got so deep that people mistook me for a man on the phone! So, I pitch my voice higher than is natural for me, when on the phone.

But rude? No, I don't think so. I don't see how that is possible. The tone of voice is just one element, there's also your attitude, and your vocabulary. If you smile when you speak, people will hear it. Of course, smiling isn't always appropriate...

Have you considered finding a voice coach? Or a speech therapist?

Oh, forgot to say, if you still feel as if you're being choked, then you probably aren't on enough thyroid hormone replacement. How much do you take? What do you take? Do you have copies of your latest labs to share with us?

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Interesting - is it what you say or how you say it? Might be worth asking some of these "helpful" people who aren't helping you too well at the moment - how frustrating!

Is it that your voice has gone deep and everything's coming out shouty? Or is it that you're increasingly short with people because trying to explain yourself is quite an effort? Both are hypo symptoms - short-temperedness is a classic hypo sign, although you might not feel that you are being short tempered, oddly enough. It'll feel like it's everyone else that has a problem.

Like Grey Goose, I'm wondering how much thyroid hormone you're on and whether you're on enough. You mentioned a negative test - what was it that was negative? You don't really get negative thyroid results - just the position on a lab range. If your TSH was at the high end of its range, it wasn't a negative test.

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Me too, my daughters think I'm cross when I'm not and I've noticed a look on people's faces when I've said something in what I thought was a normal, relaxed way. One lovely friend said to me "the words are good but that sounded a bit challenging" so, like you, I'm self-monitoring now. I am aware of being slow, including slow speaking, and think perhaps in an effort not to irritate with my slowness I speak too quickly and so sound sharp and critical.

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Feeling like being choked is a classic symptom of your thyroid being enlarged or inflammed - goiter or autoimmune attack. I had this for many years and it was passed off as a lasting 'energetic memory of being strangled" -BS.

Your thyroid function and the efficiency of your meds can change at any time. - reaction to foods, stress, sleep, emotional stress, pollutants, water supply, change in routine, seasons, and if you are female (?) your hormonal status.

When you say the test came out negative, we have no idea if you mean antibodies, or TSH or anything else. And so, as we know well here, just as a doc says 'your fine' it can just as well mean nothing. Unless a full thyroid profile was done, evaluated using optimal ranges, AND your symptoms considered, then you dont know what is fine or not.

A hoarse, deepening, or croaky voice are classic signs of hypo.

Angry im not sure. But I know everyone can have a different profile of symtoms. So until we actually saw you or heard you, its hard to know.

I know that as I was hypo, I became tense, as my life wasnt how i thought it could be and I didnt know why, plus I had every food reaction under the sun which made my neck head and shoulders tight achy and tense (as does hypo). This gave a classic permanent frown as i wasnt having enoug relaxed fun!!! Thats just me but same as everyone thinks youre angry, everyone thought I was down and unproductive. NO, just hypo!!

So it could be a hypo symptom that directly affects your tone, or it could be a manifestation of stress, or a mix of both.What do you think?

Take care.


HI sshah. Intersting just started happening to me last few days.

I am 27 days into ndt treatment for low ft3 and ft4. I have started speaking as if there is some urgency. I can actually like it to my younger years I tried some legal highs that make you want to talk with a lot of feeling as if you really need to get your point accross. Whereas before if someone talked over me I wouldn't have minded that much, I now feel as if my assertiveness is coming back online and it irritates me and I keep talking until they get the point to shut up cos I was talking first! !

I noticed I feel really calm and then I talk and it sounds as if I am uptight 😯 I hear myself and the almost urgency with which I must be heard and it surprise me! !

I'm not sure if I am under or over medicated or perfect as blood tests are in another two weeks.

It's so hard to explain but I think I've experienced what you are talking about!

Maybe that's just the truer version of 7s and making up for all this time of being passive and hypothyroid 😯😯😯😯

Take care ☺


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