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endo today

I have maybe left it a bit late for replies but i am seeing my endo this afternoon 3.00pm today. My last 3 blood tests have been within range. i was hyperthyroid. I have taken carbimazole for the last 18 months and now off the drug completely and i suspect he will sign me off today. But i still don't feel right. Some of my symptoms have diminished but I'm often still unwell. I did previously test positive for antibodies and wonder if it could be that which is making me feel ill. I get painful joints , occasional days of insomnia and feeling shakey. If any one has any advice i would be pleased. many thanks

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If you have antibodies have you considered going gluten free, which I believe can lower antibodies. Also look at the auto-immune paleo diet.

Have you heard of Low Dose Naltrexone? I don't have anti-bodies so haven't tried it, but I believe some people swear by it.


Thanks rose. Endo to keep me on list for 3 months then 're test. Just hope I feel better soon.


Hi. Glad endo keeping you in for another few months. I came off PTU last month after 18 months due to Hyper/Graves. I have suffered shingles. Thrush and now conjunctivitis all in 4 weeks. Think its our body's getting used to no meds and learning to work on its own. I have had the tremors back and worried about relapsing. Put on half stone in just over a month. Have no energy or enthusiasm to exercise. Which I know I will hv to start doing soon.

I have been advised from my recent post to try vit d again to help.

Are u taking any supplements. If u feel things aren't improving go back to endo before 3 months to check bloods just in case.

Take care x


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