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Results 2wks ago

I had my bloods taken 2wks ago....6wks after RAI.

Free T3 - 2.6

Free T4 - 7.6

TSH - 6.7

I have been put on 100mg of Levo. Does this sound about right? Feeling very tired. Waking up with numb hands. Getting big sore spots on face and scalp and sore neck and shoulders. Not feeling myself at all and haven't this yr after being thyroid toxic in January x

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100 mcg levo is a typical starting dose in these cases. It will take some time to settle on the right dose. Beware that if you were thyrotoxic for some time your TSH may not recover for a long time. In which case your endo should pay attention to your fT3 an fT4 rather than a misleading TSH. Above all they should pay attention to your symptoms. It will take time.


Thanks Jimh111. My endo has decided I don't need to c him anymore,that my gp can take it from here!! I keep telling myself its gonna take time,but hard to stay patient at times. Thanks for advice tho :-)


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