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Was taking NDT sublingually, now swallow, feel much improved!!


Sorry for all the posts but I just want to say something. Was reading a post here few weeks ago and someone was saying they just swallow their NDT and it works for them.

I tried swallowing it and I took a real step forward with energy and just being able to do more. it obv wasn't getting into my system properly. So now I swallow it all the time and I am sure I need less.

Just wanted to report in case it works better for others.


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That's great news. Yes, thyroid medication should dissolve in the stomach. Glad you feel much better.


Thanks for posting, Cat. Manufacturers of NDT design it to be swallowed whole with a glass of water to dissolve and absorb in the gut. I think the advice to chew NDT started after Armour reformulated some years ago and it was felt that the hard outer casing of the tablet made it hard to disssolve. I think that was addressed in a subsequent reformulation but the myth developed that this is the best way to take NDT.


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