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I have recently had my thyroxine reduced to 75mcg because of palpitations...I have been feeling a lot better as apparently my dose had been far too high (long story). Over the last few months I have been experiencing horrendous heavy periods...after a night shift last night I woke with palps on exertion, I had a full blood test a while ago showing ferritin low, I started taking iron...am confused as to whether palps to do with periods? doctor read my bloods said I wasn't anaemic. Have booked another appointment with Dr next week. Thank you for any advice. oh I am 49 so no doubt premenopausal!

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  • What tests convinced your GP you were not anaemic ? Did you have the Full Blood Count plus Iron - Ferritin - Folate - B12 ?

    Sometimes low iron etc. can cause palpitations and not the thyroxine. Do you have any results you could post so we are able to help you more....

  • Hi...doc just told me haemoglobin levels were good..I went on to have a full blood test done..Ferritin 58.8 (13-150) folate 17.0 (4.6-18.7) haemoglobin A1C. 32 (20-42). Iron 21.0 (6.0-34.5). Total iron binding capacity 60.0 (45-70). Transferrin saturation 35.0 (20-50). B12 364 (191-663). I am now on small dose of iron, am on B12 and D3 plus multivitamins...am seeing a different doctor next week, thank you.

  • Were you on supplements before the tests ? Which B12 are you taking and how much. I have read on ...


    ....that you need to take B12 with Folic Acid as it prevents the B12 leaving the body too quickly as it binds to the Folic Acid.... Also take a GOOD B Complex to prevent B's becoming out of balance....

    You can still suffer with anaemia with just low B12. Yours was very low when you read that only 20% of the B12 in your result is available for transfer into the cells where it is needed. The level starts at 500 in Japan and good levels of around a 1000 are needed as we age to prevent cognitive decline....

    Iron is better absorbed with Vitamin C and needs to be kept well away from Thyroxine. Apologies if you are aware of all this :-)

  • Hi, thank you so much! I take VIT B complex with Folic Acid, am on recommended dose of 250mcg, I take iron with Vit C, I wasn't taking any supplements before blood tests in case levels were okay...I can show doctor results and see what she suggests? My faith and confidence in doctors has diminished from my recent experiences with their total lack of help and interest in my palpitations, I had to go private in the end and pay for my own full blood test to get the clear result that I had Toxicosis....I am now much better but trying to cope with these horrendous periods, I had a small moment of pals yesterday, could be as I had just done a night shift plus heavy period?? Too much for my body? Am giving up nights and commence days in October, really appreciate your help thank you.

  • Sorry 'pals' should reads 'palps'

  • It was a funny heart beat that took me to the GP here in Crete back in 2005. At her suggestion my thyroid was checked and a scan arranged. Hashimotos confirmed with all thyroid function tests in range ! I took T4 for a few years - then T4/T3 and when I went T3 only - over two years ago - I almost knew when the next dose was due as my heart would flutter. It would settle down within half an hour or so. Expect they would say - the placebo effect - in a UK surgery :-) Still feeling fine on T3 only....

    Do you know your levels of TSH FT4 FT3 ? - with ranges if possible. Could be you are on the low end of the range for T3. It really is the star of the show when it comes to hearts - and also remember that every cell in the body has a receptor for T3 as well as VitD - so they are there for a reason. So important for both to be at the TOP of their ranges....

    There has been research done in Italy where Cardiologists and Endocrinologists joined forces for research and Liothyronine T3 - it seemed to be the star of the show. You can read the Contents of the book - Thyroid and Heart Failure - and get an idea of the research....It describes each chapter in detail. It's very expensive otherwise I would buy it !!

  • Hi, yes I have read the good effects of T3. My recent T3reading was 3.9 (2.8-6.5) T4 11.4 (11.5-22.7) TSH 0.10 (0.270-4.200). Now that I am feeling better am loathe to have my meds adjusted! I did ask consultant about NDT hr said there was no harm trying it..however expense will be my main issue on this. It is good that in Italy they are spearheading the way in research, I wish the UK would follow suit as so many are suffering here!

  • Heavy and painful periods are a symptom of under active thyroid.

  • One more cause for heavy bleedings is elevated prolactin. My Obgyn corrected my increased levels with meds I'm taking now and the heavy periods stopped. I still have low iron (ferritin 43, started of 27 before supplementation), but the periods are almost twice less heavy.

  • At the age of 48 I had very heavy periods and they started getting closer together. My doctor didn't do any blood tests for vits, iron and minerals etc but recommended Merina Coil. It seemed great at first as it sorted the periods out but I ended up with worse low thyroid type issues. I had it removed after 2 1/2 yrs after a comment was made on here about linked Merina/Thyroid issues. Please be careful if the doctor suggests this coil as it solves one problem but could make others worse which it did with me.

  • hi, thank you so much for your good advice, it is so wonderful to talk to others to gain valuable information...I hope alls well with your health.

  • You are very welcome. I am so grateful for this site as I wouldn't have made the connection. I told my doc that I though Merina was possibly giving me symptoms and he hadn't a clue. I am now excited as 4 weeks after removal I have lost 5lbs with no change in diet/exercise. I am looking fwd to next bloods in 3m to see if any have improved. This site is the best and I am forever telling Thyroid friends about it - Its very empowering. I am on iron and Vit D3 supps so I am hoping that I don't get any bad period issues again. Good luck getting yours sorted :)

  • I have quickly learnt over the last few months how valuable this site is and learnt such a lot! I realise that doctors are not always able to give us the answers and that we need to do more for ourselves! Thank you again and I wish you all the best with your health.

  • There are other reasons for heavy periods, gynae related. I suddenly after years of nothing started to bleed very heavily. Continuously, and got very anaemic. and it turned out to be fibroids on the lining of the womb. So do get a gynae to check it out. There are other things it could be as well. I know we're always tempted to blame the thyroid for everything!

  • Yes agreed!! Am getting heavy periods once a month am hoping doctor will check it out properly!! I am tired of going to my surgery and any doctor I see just looking at me and not doing anything! I will be changing surgery soon as where my sister goes she says her doctor is very good..I.e. Actually does something! thank you for your advice and I hope you are well!

  • You just have to ask to be referred to a specialist (gynae or whatever). If you say "I want to be referred" they have to do it. They don't do it if you don't ask unless they can see it's obvious (which hello in this case????!) because it costs them money. I had a keyhole hysterectomy and it solved lots of problems!

  • Thank you...I am just assuming it's because I am pre menopause? But I should never assume anything! Am pleased you are better now.

  • I was pre-menopause. But safer to assume nothing!

  • Hi..as a follow up I was examined and found to have fibroids...I am on meds to lighten the periods..but thanks to all for your advice. X

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