Ok don't really like this subject but when I was diagnosed 13 years ago it was because my periods had completely stopped. Now I have gone to the other end of the spectrum and that my periods can be horrendous to point I cant move as it's hurts and is almost as if my legs wouldn't work. I can't move today and if I do have to sit straight back down have adequate protection but it's not enough. My period now last a average of nine days and has huge clots and isn't pleasant smelling sorry guys for graphic Ness . Want to know if anyone else had suffered this bad as I have resorted in the past to using 1 of my kids nappies if caught short. Obviously folded over lol. I have had smear all normal last month so that's a relief. Sorry in advance love to all. X

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  • How are your iron levels? Sounds crazy, but low iron can cause heavy bleeding. I used to have ones like that when I was a teenager. Got no sympathy, either, even though I would often faint. I was ecstatic when they stopped completely in my 30s.

  • Thanks angel will check with doctors although they tell me my bloods are fine when they have been dire lol. I think I am going to get 1 of these private blood test kits you do and send it of especially for thyroid and stuff. I can't rely on docs anymore unfortunately. Will Deffo supplement my iron tho ty but will have to ask on here to see how I can do that without a script x

  • Female problems are a clinical symptom of hypothyroidism and you may not yet been on sufficient thyroid hormones to 'sort things out'.

  • Ty shaws will go read link now thanks x

  • I'm also having problems.

    Mine were very heavy but the last 5-6 months they became irregular and very light. I saw a few gyno's but nobody can explain anything. Are you hypo or hyper? I think hormones mess with each other.

  • Hi miss I'm very much hypo now I used to fluctuates between hyper and hypo when first diagnosed but now I'm hypo and periods get worse every month 😭x

  • I understand. maybe birth control pills can help you to reduce the blood and pain but of course messing with hormones while hypo isn't the best thing to do.

    I really want to have a baby in a couple of months I really hope the periods won't become a big issue for me!

    I don't understand I'm being treated for hypo and I feel good but something is off obviously.

  • I'm think you will be fine babe. Hypo can take years to gather speed but if you are adequately medicated u should be ok. I have had 3 more babies since being diagnosed after having 4 miscarriages. I didn't know I was hypo and wasn't being medicated at the time and that was causing me to miscarry. Once started on med's soon got pregnant no problem x my hormones and thyroid seem to stabilise when I been pregnant good luck hun keep me posted exciting x

  • That last message was supposed to read breast cancer sorry x

  • I was told by my doc because of my strong be East cancer gene in my family they won't give me the pill. Tried injection huge weight gain and got pregnant on coil lol. Implant too some how got pregnant lol. So not many options left hahaha x

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