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I need guidance on quantity needed for first injection and thereafter.

This will be calculated on your weight ?

I can't find the necessary information for doing this.

I did see a site for the needles, but now can't locate it.

Am I purchasing this from Amazon UK or Ebay UK.

And how much of hydroxocobalamin and needles do I need to purchase for the first order.

Thanking you.

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Hi, I can see hydroxocobalamin ampoules on ebay UK. Can't see any on either Amazon sites.


Thank you for the reply Valerie.

I have decided not to go through ebay, susymac has given me all I need know.


So glad you have got the info you needed. I was about to say not ebay, use the German pharmacy.


Thank you for the reply.

I have used the German Pharmacy.


I'll send you a pm, I dont recommend buying ampules off ebay btw!


Hi susymac,

If I could, I'd give you such a big hug for everything, that you have sent me.

It was all clearly set out for me to understand, and I will give ebay a miss.xx

I saw my GP this morning, my tingling is from head to toe now,and one of my eyes is getting very blurry, constant headaches.

The GP had my test results and me, but could,nt put the 2&2 together and come up with the B12 deficiency.

My Consultant said, I had several markers that were borderline, including the (HoloTC) but because the MMA had not raised , confirmed no deficiency.

I have been in contact with my Consultant this morning, explaining the problem with his MMA,


I explained to him, that my GP is steadfast against, B12 injections, because of his MMA result.

It has its issues, not as reliable as (HoloTC) test,how MMA can give a normal reading and the patient be low B12 deficient, it also may not work on the older generation, it skews results.

I also said, how many others may have slipped through the net with this MMA test, suffering

from being undiagnosed, B12 deficient.

I know they have their guidelines, but someone in the Medical profession needs to look outside the box.

I will start my buying this morning.

Susymac, thank you xxxxxxx



You're welcome :)


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