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Took my resting heart rate which was 46

Then laid on the floor for about 3 minutes, got up and checked again and my pulse was 106

The results are always pretty even when changing posture!

Sys and Dia pretty much stayed the same about 113/60 over both tests. The only great change was the pulse. A change of 60 beats?

My heart was pounding so fast and it was very uncomfortable, I got a throbbing/pulsating headache, dizziness, lost my eyesight for a duration, felt weak and have fainted several times in the shower and in summer days in the past. This seems to happen everytime I change my posture. Rapid heart rate increase happens when I'm seated and get up or when I'm lying down and decide to get up. I have a bunch of other symptoms but I just wanted to explain the ones I had when my heart beat raises rapidly. I went to see the doctor about it several months ago, who took my wrist pulse when seated when she replied "that's a nice and regular pulse". She then asked me to stand up so she could check my chest using the stethoscope. At that moment I could feel my heart beating hard and rapidly which made me feel sick and that's when she said "that doesn't seem right at all", so she sent me for a 24 hour ECG. Now on this ECG test my lowest resting heart rate was 40 and my highest was 163. During the 24 hour test I did nothing at all besides things like getting off the sofa or the dinner chair etc. I'm finding it very difficult to get anywhere with this as all my doctors like to pin it on anxiety. Is there anything I should look into? Oh and finally, I am so fatigued and tired all the time. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and Raynaud's if that helps. Thank you very much!

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Are you also hypothyroid and on medication or just wondering if you are ? Have you had any recent blood tests which could give people a clue?


Hi Hen!

I've had multiple blood tests done and as far as they are concerned everything is fine! They never go into any detail though. I'm not hypo or hyperthyroid.


I am no expert but I always thought our blood pressure was meant to be higher when we stand up, not stay the same. Is that what you meant? That it was the same sitting as standing? It is one of the tests doctors do to check adrenal function, which indicates that possibly you do have an issue with that, which might account for your racing heart. I had mine checked by my endo, because I was convinced I had a problem and when it shot up, on my standing up, he said very smugly , " I told you there was nothing wrong". Adrenal fatigue, unrecognised by the medical profession, is often running alongside hypothyroidism. If you could ask your doc for your latest thyroid blood tests with reference ranges and post them here, someone can comment. You really need to have Free T4, Free T 3 and TSH. I do hope this will help you find out what is wrong. By the way, never believe them when they tell you everything is normal. Ask for copies and look at them yourself and then post here. xx


Well that makes two of us then haha.

I took some readings:

Sitting = 125/103 Pulse 81

Standing = 104/64 Pulse 72

10 minutes later I checked again

Sitting = 101/57 Pulse 60

Standing = 108/55 Pulse 65

Surprisingly today I feel alright, if only I had my blood pressure monitor yesterday when I felt like judgement day had come for me.

Both groups of tests were down within a minute of each other. Only the first grouped result had such a drop in diastolic pressure when standing. Gosh this is all so confusing. All I know is that my heart beats rapidly and feels like it is pounding very hard when a change in posture happens. I don't understand why? I used to run 5-6 miles everyday for 5 years straight and then one day I just couldn't handle it anymore. I don't have the guts for anything. It's like I've gone dead inside. I have an appointment on Monday so will ask for the doctor to elaborate the results of my full blood count and to see if any further tests can be done. I'm also going to "demand" my blood pressure to be checked when I'm lying down and then asked to stand up and as well when I'm seated and asked to stand because this is always when my symptoms become unbearable. Unfortunately my doctor only checked TSH and Free T3 and said it wasn't necessary to do T4. Oh can't wait to hear the usual when I ask for copies of my results. "You really ought to relax and not spend so much time and thought into this as this usually causes anxieties that can make you feel far worse". Well I wouldn't if I'd actually get some help in the first place! Thanks very much Hen.


I hope you get some sensible help tomorrow. Let us know how it goes. xx


Hi BP can alter on standing. usually if so drops and causes faints. The ECG you need a 24hour or better 7 day home monitor. You need to see a cardio who specialises in rythymn control at a large teaching hospital. Make sure you do. If you think you have a thyroid problem then with this you need to be under a Endo.A cardio will do the monitor ( or GP) and stress test and an echocardiogram. All of which you need.Intermittent faults are often difficult to diagnose., if you see the right cardio it will be ,usually by drugs, essential. Do not just see any cardio, been there, did that!Do not mess about with a GP ask or demand a referral. best if you find a good one first unless a reliable GP.

Best wishes,



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