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Vit D? Thyroid level on the blink?

My Under active thyroid became optimized in May of this year.I also was diagnosed with low vit D so for a few months was put on vit D3 valupak 2000iu to be reduced to 1000 iu and a blood test this month.Will this test just be the vit D or can they check my thyroid again with it as i am finding i am starting to feel tired in the day again, have aching fingers and very very irritable.

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It depends what the dr has asked for, when my vit d levels were checked there were many other thing checked at the first recheck and second. However for the last one it was just vit d. I ask what's been tested and they always are happy to tell me. If you think you need your thyroid checked ask to have added, I've done this, just said it's due for checking and I've never had a problem with getting it done.


HI You will need the thyroid rechecked as D hormonal, so ask.



Well I took 5000 vit d3 daily for 6 months and my levels barely rose. You need sunshine or do indoor tanning. The tanning bed is the only thing that got my levels up. Now it's summer so I go outside for 30 minutes daily. This gives around 10,000 units. It's working. Don't believe all that hogwash about sunscreen. That stuff is poison and skin cancer is not a risk with short exposure.


Hi I work outdoors and even with supplementation at 10000 IU per day since last October, my vit D levels are only just adequate. 60 in April after 6 months supplementation, 81 on 31 July during heatwave. if I miss a couple of days I get all achey and tired. So your symptoms might be down to reduced dose of Vit D (I am not a doctor, just my personal opinion)


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