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Mathematician required

After my depressing post yesterday, I managed to get an appointment today with another doc in the practice.

My goodness he was brilliant! I had my 1st b12 jab today and appointments for another 4 for now.

He also sent me for more blood tests ( quite a few not sure what)

He is also contacting a gastro whatever in case I need referring.

WOW I was so worried!

The question is this I take my Levo at 6·30

I take Angitil for supposed A f at 8·AM and 8pm

I take Eliquis (a new anti-coagulent ) at 10AM approx and 9pm

When can I take the ferrous fumarate. That has been prescribed twice a day.

I know I have read it before, but having the attention span of a gnat

:·( at the moment, will someone please advise ?

Thanks in anticipation


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Iron should be taken 4 hours away from Thyroid medication and 2 hours from calcium. Sorry, don't know in regard to your medication.


Maybe it would suit you better to take levothyroxine at bedtime, as long as you've last eaten two hours before.

Take ferrous sulfate before breakfast on an empty stomach (unless it upsets you stomach then you take it with food) and then around 4 p.m.

Take Angitil 8·AM and 5pm can be taken with out without food but not with an alcholic drink.

Take Eliquis (a new anti-coagulent ) at 10AM approx and 7pm can be taken with our without food.

bedtime - levo - on empty stomach not having eaten for two hours and 4 hours apart from iron.

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