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Question for Clutter please

Clutter as you also have had thyroid cancer and thyroid removal. I too have had the same, I am taking T3 only and need to have a thyroid blood test including thyroglobulin next week. I take:-

10mcg T3 at 5. 30 a.m.

20 mcg T3 at 11.30 a.m.

20 mcg T3 at 15.30 p.m.

When in your opinion should be my last dose of T3 before an 8 a.m. blood test please?

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Thank you Londinium, you are right.


Margo, don't take your 5.30am dose until after your blood test. You can take your 11.30am and 15.30pm doses as normal as they will have cleared your serum within 6/8 hours.


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