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New results

Hi guys! Just got some bloods back!

I've been on levothyroxine for about 6 weeks.

I've spent most of it playing around with my own dosages.

My GP has been great but I've basically taken it into my own hands and gradually increased to 75mcg a day.

A lot of my symptoms have improved - some are still pretty present.

Today I got my results

TSH is 0.44 (0.27-4.2)

T4 is at 17 (12-22)

I asked my doctor to let me get my TSH as low as I possibly could until I felt normal and he agreed. I am starting to lose weight I think - i can feel it in clothes but I'm too scared to weigh and shatter the illusion.

Anyone have any recommendations? Should I push for more Levo? I'm still not 100%.

Also my blood pressure is massive. Like I mean my doctor and the nurse were baffled. 171/131 at one point. I'm 23 and healthy weight and everything.

Any ideas?

Much love all x

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Hi. Those bloods don't look too bad but perhaps a slight increase may improve things further. Do wait 4-6 weeks after each increase because improvements can take that long.

It is advisable to have the following tested: serum iron, ferritin, folate, vitamin b12, vitamin D and cortisol. When you get the results, post them on this forum and we will be able to interpret them for you. Some of the reference ranges are questionable at best.

As regards your blood pressure, are they investigating? One common cause of high blood pressure in young people is reduced blood flow to a kidney. This can be rectified with angioplasty. There can be other causes too so it should be investigated thoroughly.

Another possibility is adrenal issues. A 24 hour saliva cortisol test may highlight an issue but this is not available on the NHS.

Did they retake your blood pressure a few minutes later or do you have a blood pressure monitor at home? My dad's blood pressure is always elevated at the doctor the first time but lower the second time. It is pretty normal at home. There could be an element of "white coat syndrome" that is raising your blood pressure.

I hope the improvements in your health continue :)

Carolyn x


Thanks so much for your reply.

My iron results etc all came back normal but there was too much to get the results over the phone. I'll post on weds. My iron was chronically low but I am on massive supplements.

It's actually only been 4weeks I've been on Levo. I'm starting to get there. Back to diets and the gym today.

My BP is consistently high. Is it related to my hypothyroidism? I had a BP cuff at home. It's borderline at best.


Whit x


CarolynB is right.

You cannot rush thyroid medication, you have to allow around 6 weeks between each increase in dosage till you reach the optimum medication and you feel well with normal health and no aches/pains/fatigue. If you 'play around' with doses you really don't know what your permanent healthy dose will be.The dose of levo you take today will take around 5/6 weeks to leave your system diminishing gradually.

You may be impatient to get back to exercising but gentle things are o.k. maybe you have a very mild thyroid gland dysfunction.


No my synotoms were pretty severe and I had a goitre that was impacting my breathing. I wouldn't call it very mild to be honest.


Ouch! That sounds nasty!

Exercise is ok as long as you don't push yourself too hard and you build up to it, listening to your body.

It's really days of you've only been back on levo 4 weeks. Hopefully you will start to feel more improvement soon, especially as your iron and ferritin levels start to rise.


I certainly wouldn't call it mild either. I hope you feel better soon.


Thank you so much :)


Are you taking vitamin c with your Iron.


Good point! Taking vitamin b2 (riboflavin) will aid storage of iron and this helps with raising ferritin level. It can be found in vitamin b complex and various foods such as marmite.

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I take iron with vitamin c!

Iron is at

Serum Iron 13umol/L (10-30)

He told me to stop taking iron.

He increased my Levo to 67.5mcg from the 50


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