NHS Endocrinologist wait times in London?

Hey all!

I've just been referred to an endo after having a blood test come back that showed abnormalities with how testosterone gets around my body paired with periods of low blood sugar and symptoms that really confused my GP!

I was wondering how long you waited to see an endo on the NHS? I've been quoted anywhere between 18 weeks, which is upsetting as I am feeling increasingly ill. I'm suffering from a long list of symptoms (fatigue, dizziness, nausea & vomiting, constant runny nose, confusion, slurred words, numbness in hands & legs/fingers blue from lack of circulation, aches, head aches & constant thirst to name a few)

How long did you all wait and do you have any advice before I see a specialist? My symptoms are very vague but increasingly worse, a lot of my blood tests have come back normal, so my GP doesn't know what to think.

Thanks everyone :)

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  • If you can get a print-out of your blood tests from the surgery and post on a new question, members will comment on them.

    I think the average weight for an appointment in London is usually about six weeks.

  • Count yourself luck here in west wales I waited 6 months for the letter to make an appointment with an endo, even longer for the actual appointment!

  • I waited about 3 Or 4 months. Pls dont pin your hopes on an nhs endo, u might be disappointed. Some of your symptoms correlate with pernicious anaemia. Nhs is useless at diagnosing it

  • 4-7weeks max - I've always managed to get one within that time period. In fact when your GP refers you, you should receive in the post, his referral letter with a personal code. You then ring the number on the sheet with the code and both the hospital and the consultant you would like to see. It's a brilliant system, but you've got to be available to go within a six week period. This is the system we use in the NW UK and I cannot fault it

  • PS - I travel to London to see my endo, although I live in the NW and the same applies.

  • Hi I'm in the Bristol area, received my letter so booked my appointment yesterday and the first one available is in December!

  • Hi all, wow a lot of differences in wait times! Hope you all get to see your endocrinologists soon.

    What are you doing/what do you do to prepare for your appointment? I've never been before and I want to go prepared!

  • I waited from end of January to mid march, about 9 weeks. I wanted to go to imperial college. It wasn't worth the wait and wouldn't bother again (I live in NE UK). It was for adrenals though.

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