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I just wondered if anyone could shed any light on this..

I still have these tremors that feel like im sitting on a washing machine,, and ,y right leg i had thought was getting better, but it seems to be getting worse.

I had housemaids knee and hip when i became hypothyroid.

my right leg hasnt become any better and i have realised the muscle is weak in it, and my endo says the tremors im experiencing arent thyroid .. I do take b complex and supplements ,. i dont know if these tremors are thyroid anymore but im getting very concerned that they may be something else like ms which is also auto immune!! has anyone else experienced this ?

Yes i know i sound like a hypochondriac!!

Im actually not,, just starting here first so i know what im talking about when i speak to my doctor.

Kind regards


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Yes a nasty feeling inside & out! my GP thought parkinsons so given a pill (didn't take it, side effects were interesting 'tho) they went after my op & vit D levels optimal (controls calcium, essential tremor)

a quick search here .... J :D



so what was the pill baclofen because those are used for more things then parkinsons


Hi r0dg3r

it was roprinolol, one of the side effects said urges to gamble


try L carnitine I have no tremors or muscle weakness since I started on it


Your Endocrinologist should look up and read about the side effects of levothyroxine. Tremors are only but one.


He would do you a favour if he tried adding some T3 to T4 to see if T3 calms it down. You may need T3 alone (he will have a heart attack) or NDT, otherwise he will have to have another think about your medication. Your reaction sounds quite bad to me, i.e. effects 'washing machine'.


and also hip or knee pain (rare)


I would phone and leave a message with his secretary. They prescribe medication - don't know the side effects which can occur in some patients - apparently don't care much but will put the onus on the patient.


Hi Tremors can be caused by calcium over range. It is am electrolyte so must always be in range.Magnesium too.



Might be magnesium deficiency? I have those tremors (kind of like a buzzing feeling running down both my legs) and when I started supplementing with magnesium, it settled. I've used magnesium oil rubbed directly on the affected area too, which helped or You can also try Epsom salt baths (Epsom salt available at boots or on amazon)



B12 needs to be at the TOP of the range ...there will not be enough B12 in a B Complex tablet....

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Have you checked your adrenals ? If too low you could be experiencing sugar lows which can manifest in shakes and inner tremors. Adrenal and thyroid go hand in hand...

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where do you get the tremors? are you on thyroid hormone?


sorry only just saw other posts..I had tremors years ago from eltroxin and armour. I believe it was adrenal problem in my case. I went the naturopath route and all settled down with nutritional supplementation. Don't know which one exactly did the trick for me. I was on a host of them for periods of 6 weeks at a time. While I am now looking into going back on thyroid hormone after being off since dec 07 I have to say I never had tremors during that time..wish you the best on your journey if it was me I would look for naturopath and/or address adrenals

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Hello love 2

I get tremors from my legs upwards and at night its so bad i feel like im a washing machine on 2000 rev spin speed,,,,

gettingn used to its the pits

xx hope youre ok


Pins and needles could be likened to tremors. Its very strange but I thought I was suffering with sciatica (trapped nerve in back) which effects down the legs causes numbness and burning sensation and also painful knees which went on for absolute years, and until the situation with painful joints and other crazy things started to engulf me in latter years I never associated it with anything else All this has disappeared now on Levo. Was it just my underactive thyroid kicking off all those years ago, I wonder? Only diagnosed 2 years ago with underactive thyroid but very strangely all those symptoms have disappeared as if by magic.

Wishing you some of that magic


Hi, I am sorry to read of your situation. I have recently started having tremours during the night, and although I am not aware of them my husband says that I vibrate the bed and he can't sleep. It seems to be another symptom of being hypo for me, I suffer with pins and needles frequently when I sit and watch television or during my office work. All of the random symptoms seem much worse when I am undermedicated, the gp has reluctantly agreed for me to increase my dose from 75mg Levo everyday, to alternate days of 75mg and 100mg, which has increased my energy and reduced the tremours, although it hasn't done anything for the pain just under my ribs unfortunately. I hope that you are able to get diagnosed quickly.


Hi Astro - I am hypothyroid and have low adrenal function. I didn't have any problems with tremor, until I started taking metoclopramide for severe and persistent nausea. The tremors started gradually, but then got REALLY bad - at my worst, I couldn't see properly, because my whole body and skull were vibrating so much that my eyes couldn't focus on anything. But as they are "internal" tremors (ie, you can't see them), my GP wasn't really very interested. Not sure if your tremors are internal or not, but thought I'd respond anyway :) . I was taken off metoclopramide and given cyclizine instead..... this also causes me some internal tremor, but nowhere near as bad. However, I can't find any evidence online that these drugs on their own cause this problem... so my theory is that my tremors are caused by a combination of the drugs AND the fact that I am hypothyroid/hypoadrenal. I find that the tremors get worse when I am tired, so I can control them to a certain degree by getting enough rest. I also make sure I take magnesium supplements and vitamin B (as I think other responders on this post have also suggested) and sometimes I take a sports electrolyte drink too. I'm not sure if these supplements help the tremors per se, but I think that the more you can get your physiology into a more "normal" state, the better things might be in general. Best of luck with everything.


Thankyou Choose life(good name)

Im trying to get better,, im allot better than when i was diagnosed,,EVERYTHING INSIDE JUST FELL APART,,,I went a horrible colour purple too..normally (i like that colournormally) but it looked as if i was infected by some horrible bite or something , and i was just a shaky sweaty mass.. put on 1 and a half stone and my heart was beating so fast one week i thought id had it,, i was petrified!

Now not as bad but still have awful sweats and shakes and cant walk as my right leg wont move, and its very very weak. Im due back to work at end of august so i think id better sort this out or i will be in trouble. I have to accept a lower paid job at work now as i cant walk,, is not right!!!

any way hope your life is going well

Kind regards



Oh gosh - that sounds really difficult. I really hope you get this sorted out soon. Don't let the GP fob you off, as you deserve better health than this. Sending you lots of love for a brighter future. And thanks for your best wishes too :) .


Hi Astro,

Why don't you ask for blood tests, it is a good place to start your search, otherwise you will just go round in circles.

Do the blood tests, it may shine a light on the problem.

If the GP says, the tremors are not thyroid related, then, say, why do I have them.

I didn't have them, before I had a thyroid problem.

Explain, how they make you feel, exhausted,........................................

Have in your hand, the list of blood test you would like taken, all ready to hand to him.

Take care.



Thankyou manukia

you always give such sensible advice,, I don recognise myself anymore,,

I have become this shaky sweaty panicky limpy thing since becoming hypothyroid,

I used to do a job where I could walk anywhere for miles , talk to the public,, be confident blah blah,, now im something else completely,, and i don't want to be this person that as soon as my brain has an atom of doubt about anything I pour with sweat like ive just had a bath!!!

Ive upped my meds to 75 from 50 levo and am on Clonodine and dicloflex and ranititdine and sage and eve primrose and supplements (yes call me a pair of maracas) .. !!!!!!

i shouldn't laugh but i feel like if you shook me i could rattle like in one of Mirandas workouts!!

Yes i think its high time i shouted at the gp for another blood test,, last one was June..

Kind regards




Add to the blood list: Dicloflex, also Clonodine and Ranititdine.

Don't stop taking them, but discuss how they may all be reacting with each other,perhaps.

No matter what we put into our mouths ( even our Levo ) will have a small impact on us.

So discuss every jolly symptom you have.

When you go to see your GP if you don't list everything, you forget.

So show him your list, and explain how absolutely miserable you are feeling, don't get off your chair until you are 100% satisfied, that something has been gleaned from your list.

You come away feeling more positive about your health...

Did you upped your Levo by yourself, I upped mine a few weeks back,from 75mcg to 100mcg. I increased the dose every alternate day and I felt awful, so I stopped.

For me, the extra 25mcg was too much,or I needed it increased more slowly.

Then again, perhaps my body was telling me, I was getting too much!!

Blood Test request:

Ferritin,Folate, B12, Iron, ( add to this list )

Also: Symptoms :

Very strong tremors...............

I sweat profusely......

I have difficulty walking..........

My skin goes purple..............

My heart beats very quickly.....Take your pulse,see what it is, add the readings to the list.

My right leg doesn't want to move....

I feel very weak......


Dicloflex,Clonodine,Ranititdine don't forget to discuss these!!!!!!

Also add any other drug you are on, to your list.

Don't let your GP fob you off, HE must take note of your symptoms, very important.

This will, all get sorted, but you must let him know, how dreadfully sick you feel.

Keep well, and let us all know, how you get on.

You will be fine




Thankyou Manukia

I have printouts galore that i show my gp

He now wants me to take beta blockers,,

IM TERRIFIED OF THEM they slow your heart down,, the under active thyroid slowed me down dreadfully ,, i asked him if he was trying to stop me completely..ie next step 6 ft under!!!

but these tremors are horrid,,

so hes now suggested steroid injections,,,

I am a lot better than i was in may,,but not back to how i was before,,

Thankyou for your care

Kind regards



Hi Astro,

I hope your GP has enlightened you, as to what has been causing the tremors,and the reason why you feel so ill.

I hope you have come away from your appointment, understanding, why you are feeling so dreadfully ill, and can now see, the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have had a steroid injection, into my shoulder, a few years ago.

I developed the injury through using my shoulder to open our old land rover door.

A few hours after the injection, I found the joint very painful, but the steroid, did work for, and that horrible land rover door, was fixed.

Has he dropped any of your tablets.

Now, you can look forward to your blood tests.

Is he checking your TSH/ FT4/ FT3.

I was feeling very ill 2 years ago,I went to see the GP at my Medical Centre, ( it was a Saturday )

I had never been to this GP before. I cottoned on to the fact, ( later ) that this GP was always free, you could always see him, the others you booked in for, now I knew why.

I explained how I felt, could I have pneumonia { I had it many years ago }he said

no, you would have a temperature, which I didn't have. So I left the surgery non the wiser, but feeling very ill.

We were on our way home, and my OH said, I am taking you to A&E.

I saw the DR there, I told her what the GP had said, about having to have temp

to have pneumonia, she was very angry.

She said, you don't have to show you have a temperature to have pneumonia.

I had pneumonia, and she said she would be talking to my GP about why he hadn't diagnosed me with it.

She let me, and my OH know, exactly what she thought of my GP.

I am telling you this story to reassure you, that if you ever feel really scared with how you feel, and you can't see your GP, you always have the A&E department.

Take care.






Thankyou, my faith in the health service is dwindling,,,, im sorry to hear you had a bad experience too,, I hope youre well now,,,

my gp says i need beta blockers,,,im not a fan,,i dont want to slow down any more,,,,im already on clonodine , !!!

any way i have a about 9 days and then im due back to work,,,


youre a very kind person i can see that,,i hope you have a wonderful week

x astro



I ve got Lyme that can cause muscle weakness. A lot of ME and MS people have Lyme.

I have chariot Marie tooth disease.

Muscular distrafy as well.

There are different forms it effects the lower extrimities first it can start

In childhood the milder forms start in adulthood.

I think it's linked with hormone problems.

One form is hammer toes and high instep. Though can be flat footed also. Chemical sensitivity and sensitivity to radiation.

Neuropathy causes leg pain and weakness. That associated with Lyme/MS as well as CMT.

Try acupuncture it may help?


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Dear Carol

I couldn't go near a needle if i tried ,,,, terrified of them,, i faint when i have a blood test,, i have to look away.. needles to say Id make a terrible drug addict!!!

thankyou ,,i may ask the gp for a ME test though,,JUST TO RULE THAT OUT...

You poor thing

I hope youre feeling as well as you can

Kind regards



HI Shaws

Thankyou for that , I will take it to my gp as i have a really bad limp too and sometime my right leg siezes up completely.

I had this this weekend where i had such bad sweats and i couldnt move my right leg at all , its even worse when im lying down as i it feels like ive got a ten ton weight on it.

I also have huge trouble sleeping and i dont know if this is because my beloved (bless it) thyroid has become auto immune, or what.

But I will show my gp..

Thankyou very kind of you to find that for me and others.

Very much appreciated

Kind Regards




Fear of sharpe objects and needles

homeopathic medican says that is linked to the adrenal glands.

Also a build up of energy try to ground it out through your lower chakra or feet.

It's also linked to electrosensitivity.



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