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Tremors - anyone had them with 'normal' thyroid levels?

I'll first say that I've just recently (within the past week) had a blood test to check my thyroid levels and they are 'normal'.

However a few weeks ago I noticed a slight lump on one side of my neck and after an ultrasound scan found that I have a 2.5 cm complex nodule on one lobe of my thyroid (it's now being monitored). In the past few weeks I have noticed more of an 'action tremor' in my hands, noticeable when holding objects, etc. It varies in intensity - nothing terrible, just slightly annoying and a bit worrying. No tremors at all when my hands are at rest or aren't doing much.

Now I know that this could be caused by a great many things, from stress and anxiety to something in (or not in) my diet. Perhaps even just the aging process. It could also be because I live a sedentary lifestyle with no exercise at all so my muscles could just be 'weak' and the tremors issue is exacerbated by my age. I'm not overweight and eat carefully.

I also feel tired a lot of the time and am easily worn out (have been this way for a great many years, I always put it down to the IBS which I have suffered from for over 15 years).

I'm 'only' in my early 50s. :)

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When you say they are monitoring, what are they doing? You should perhaps be having a needle biopsy on it to confirm what it is.


Hi You need a biropsy for a nodule, under ultra sound by a radiologist, not monitoring! Also shakes etc can be high calcium, which could well be your case. Ask for a calcium tests, it is the corrected calcium that must be in range.If taking Vit D even more likely the calcium. If it is you have to stop the vit D. Have you had your parathyroid tested? First test,blood, must be AM and 3 tests together, PTH, calcium and vit D. If all high or D high for you and the other 2 a\bove range, then you need a nuclear scan of PTH, large teaching hospital. Please do this it is important.

Best wishes,


Not sure if you know but to reply to a certain post, click on "Reply to this" under that post.


'Normal' is not a medical diagnosis, it's a program on a washing machine! You really must get the actual figures because what your doctor, in his ignorance, considers 'normal' may not be in the least bit normal for you. Ask for a print-out, it is your legal right to have one, and then post the figures on here. That will give us a better idea what is going on.

Hugs, Grey

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'Normal' is not a medical diagnosis, it's a program on a washing machine!

That is my favourite 'Gooseism'! ;)



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A Gooseism! Wow! At last I have something named after me. lol

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You need a fine need aspiration done on the nodule to check that it isn't something more nasty.


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