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Thyroid meds and iron

I am confused about when to take thyroid medication if u r supplementing with iron. According to Paul Robinson's bk 'Recovering with T3' thyroid meds have to be taken at least an hr before iron and 4 hrs after iron. But I am sure I have I have been advised by others that u need to leave 4 hrs before taking iron after thyroid meds. I do hope Paul R is correct as I am taking T3 split into 3 doses and iron needs to be taken with food so leaving a gap of 4 hrs both before and after would be very difficult to manage.

Advice/suggestions much appreciated.

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Caze, iron needs to be taken 4 hours away from Levothyroxine. There's no mention of iron on the Mercury Pharma Liothyronine PIL I have but you could check with your pharmacist to be sure.


Hi Clutter

Checked with pharmacist. He confirmed that thyroid meds have to be taken 3-4 hrs away from iron.


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