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Help with bloods please

Hi Folks , finally some results.

Serum vitamin B12 185ng / L 190-910 ng/L

Serum folate 11·1 ng/mL 3·3-99999·00ng/MLK

Serum ferritin 9·5ug/L 30/400ug/L

To recap.

TSH 7·45. 0·35-5·5mU/L

T4. 17. 9-23pmol/L

T3. 4. 3·5-6·5pmol/L

These were thyroid results 8 weeks ago. Levothyroxine increased to 100mcg

TSH only July 21st 4·4

Any advice please. Doc on holiday, no appointment till Sept.6th

Thank you in advance

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Another member will respond more fully as bloods aren't my forte.

Obviously your B12 is far too low and your GP will have to check for pernicious anaemia before you dose with sublingual medication. I think he will give you injections to begin with for B12 deficiency.Ferritin should be around 70 to 90.

If you haven't yet had a Vitamin D test, ask for this too. We are usually deficient if hypo on all of the above.

You would be due another blood test around the time the GP comes back so I would ask for Vit D and thyroid function tests to be done also. You know not to take thyroid medication before your blood tests and to have it as early as possible.

No wonder you are feeling bad with such low results.


Shaws. Thank you for your reply.

Do you think I should not self medicate till doc's appointment.

You are right I do feel so tired and unwell ,I just want to crawl into bed and stay there.

There was a note on my b12 Etc. Results from lab.

Due to a raised ambient temperature in the laboratory folate results may show a positive bias of up to 6% for every degree above 25c( ie up to 12 % if temp is 27 %)

Please exercise caution when reviewing results.

If you require clinical advice please speak to a consultant haematogist.

Does this make any sense. The receptionist who gave me the results on the phone said they were non urgent.

Many Thanks P.P


Everything is non-urgent when our results are 'within' or 'slighty out' never mind if its out of the very bottom of the range. You must have clinical symptoms, I believe. Don't self-medicate until you consult your GP and see what she advises. Your deficiency in B12 needs further investigation so she should talk to the haematologist.

Our B12 range should be towards the upper part of the range, not below the bottom. Wait till you have your next blood tests which you should have at the earliest and don't take meds beforehand. Post your results, with ranges, for comments before making an appointment to discuss your B12 and thyroid hormones.


Thank you Shaws. Will do that.



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