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Adrenal stress test. How long should I stop taking adrenal cortex extract?

In light of my latest thyroid panel, I need to check my adrenals again. I have been taking adrenal cortex extract for a few months, so I'm not entirely sure how long I have to stop taking this for, before doing the saliva test? Somebody kindly pointed out that I have to be off it for two weeks beforehand. On the website, it just says 'No steroid medication including hormones, inhalers and creams', it doesn't say anything about glandulars.

Anybody any ideas? I'm hoping to do the test on Monday. I haven't taken any ACE today - I was hoping a few days would be enough for it to clear out of my system?


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Sip, ring the company for advice.

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A couple of links with very useful info on this subject :

I looked at the lists, realised how many of them I take, and I decided that I wasn't prepared to give up all of them for a spit test - one or two I consider absolutely essential to maintaining some kind of quality of life. So, I mentally keep a note of that when I review my results. One thing neither list does is tell you whether taking a particular substance will increase or lower cortisol - although for some things, like adrenal glandulars, it is obvious.

Obviously every one has to make up their own mind how dedicated they are to getting a precise test done. :)


The list is very extensive! I have lowered my ndt to try and get my ft3 down a bit, and I'm going to try and leave off the ACE for a week or so, and then do the adrenal test. I have no choice but to find out if the low cortisol is the issue, or whether I just don't need any more than perhaps 1.5 grains of ndt. I'm hoping it's not still the cortisol - I've been taking the ACE for ages!


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