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TSH and FT4 ranges back: Help please

Hi all,

I now have my results and ranges:

TSH - 2.72 - range 0.5 - 5.0

Free Thyroxin - 23.4 pmo/L range 10 - 25

T3 was either not done or not revealed to me.

I have had a waking pulse rate for the past three days of 55, 56 and 55.

My waking temperature on these three days was 35.7, 35.9 and 35.9.

Any thoughts on whether these are indicative of a thyroid problem? I already have Graves Othaopthalomogy which was diagnosed about two years ago.

Any advice you have would be gratefully received and I am on no medication for the thyroid gland.

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Swan, NHS Labs often decline to test FT3 unless TSH is suppressed <0.04. Your FT4 is 'ideal' but your TSH is probably a little high for comfort. That, and your low temperature are indicative of hypothyroidism but I don't think you will get a diagnosis until your TSH is >5.0.


Thank you Clutter for taking the time to respond.

My TSH a couple of weeks before the 2.7 reading was 3.1, but not sure what time the blood were taken, so whether they are comparable etc.

Not sure what to do now as I feel terrible and am stuck with brain fog, bowel problems and a host of other symptoms my GP does not seem concerned about or willing to act on.


I wonder if this article may help. There are other links on this website if you care to do some research. They have been supporting thyroid patients for many years.


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