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Slightly confused after 2nd visit with endo.

After taking 1 & half grains armour and 1x 20mcg T3 I have been reduced to 1 x grain nature throid and 15 mcg T3 and being put on three month trial of HRT for perimenpause. My T3 blood result was 9.3 and t4 11 with suppressed tsh. It seems that the consultant is anxious over the suppressed tsh.

However was explained to me that I have thyroid resistance all this doesn't make sense to me . I feel like I am going g round in circles.

If this doesn't work the next step is to be given approx 35 mcg T3 only .

I have read that if you have thyroid resistance this usually appears as high tsh and needs to be treated with T3 only .

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I suggest that you have a slow,careful read of this:



Gosh I wish this was in English lol ! Totally confused


Thank you I have messaged you my email


Hi Sandy12, I realise your post was 2 years ago, but someone suggested today my son may have Thyroid Hormone Resistance. do you still have your info available? I will PM you with my details.


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