What rights do Welsh Patients have???

Hi does can anyone direct me toward a web page that tells me what rights Welsh patients have? Someone has PM'd me with an Endocrinologist in Cardiff and said someone they know was referred from Reading so shd be easy for me to be referred from Carmarthenshire, however on further investigation I can find that English patients have the right to be choose which consultant team they are referred to and have expected times for other referrals like to breast clinics, but I can find NOTHING that tells me what, if any rights, I have for such things as a Welsh patient under the welsh NHS.

I just thought maybe someone out there may know and be able to point me to where it says so in order that I quote it when I write to my GP demanding to be referred to Cardiff??? Thank you.

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  • Hi Sulamaye,

    What is the name of the Endocrinologist in Cardiff. Does he/specialise in thyroid? If they have a specific focus then that might be your case to put forward to the g.p. Is it an option to go private? That would solve all problems. I too am looking for an endocrinologist in Wales but one who specializes in Thyroid. Let me know how you get on

  • I have been told he is sympathetic to us, and treats us like human beings. I am sure my GP would argue the one she is sending me to at Prince Phillip is an expert enough. Private is not an option. Poverty. If you pm me I will let you know the name I was given.

  • Thank you but sadly no those docs aren't relevant. I am in west wales not on the border, I need to know what rights I have as a welsh patient to be referred to a welsh hospital service. NHS England makes this info very clear to patients, you can even in theory book a hospital app direct, I can't find anything confirming any such rights for NHS Wales.

  • I'll give you an idea of the difference between NHS England and Wales. In England you should in theory get an app with a breast clinic within 10 days. Here in wales my GP surgery hadn't even managed to write the referral letter within two weeks of deciding I needed a referral! And similarly I can not find any document that identifies what the time span should be here in wales, basically luck! It's very distressing all round health in Wales.

  • For anyone else's info who lives in wales I've just definitely heard that we have no right to request a particular consultant, it is deemed good enough to give us the nearest, tough poo if you don't like it you have no rights. In love Wales but I hate and am disappointed by Labours care of the NHS! I suppose I shd be grateful that it isn't all being auctioned off to the lowest bidder like it is back in England, but at this moment in time I'd anything to have access to my Suffolk surgery and local hospitals. short of moving back there that is ;-)

  • You could ask your GP if he does a clinic in other welsh hospitals as well as cardiff.as some hospitals come under the same health board.eg Abergavenny ,Newport ,Ystrad Mynach are under the same board so if he did a clinic in all of those hospitals ,you might get an appointment in either one.hope this maybe of some help.

  • Thank you I will investigate further.

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