Bloods from March on 150 Levo that's when he upped it from 125

Tsh 0.2 miu/l ( o.4 - 5.o)

Free t4 20 pmol/L ( 9-19)

These were March to me It looks not to bad but I don't no lol . All I no is that in last couple of months fatigue and brain fog as wacked me again did feel better for. While but not anymore plus the weight gain still , no T3 but have asked him today says they don't do on his list cuz of labs or summat but told me to tell them when take blood tommorow to add it on .

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  • Ps having bloods done again tommorow with all the suggested vits x

  • Definitely add T3 on when get bloods done tomorrow. If there is a Free T3 also on the list, add that as well. If you haven't had a blood test for Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate phone or ask if these can be added to.

    Dont take levo before your blood test and take it afterwards. It's best, if possible to have test as early as possible. If you take levo at bedtime, miss this dose and take after test.

    Get a copy from the surgery with the ranges (these are important) and post your results for comments.

  • Hi yep am getting tested tommorow for all them vit ones t3 and free t3 isn't as he couldn't add them but said to tell them to add it on . Am bit worries as just been told that them results look like I'm hypo and I had my Levo raised to 150 from 125 on those results so been on 150 since march

  • He said that they prob won't but ask

  • You can't really tell anything from those results. As the T4 is a bit high, it could mean you are over-medicated but it could also mean that you are not converting. Impossible to tell without the T3. Same for the TSH. Looks good on paper, but means nothing without the T3. As you are not feeling well, I would say that you just aren't converting.

    Hope you manage to get T3 tested!

    Hugs, Grey

  • Increasing t4 dose will not help you if you have conversion problem, and fatigue ,bnrain fog are very common sign of low ft3 lvl!

  • He just won't entertain t3 I said today about conversion and he said they work the same not much diff I just thought no point going on arguing about it as he thinks he nos best . So wait to see what tommorows tests bring

  • Ignorant doctors. He has it all wrong. T4 is a pro-hormone which is inactive. T3 is the Active hormone all our receptor cells need for us to function.

    If T4 doesn't convert to sufficient T3, we wont feel so good.

  • i tried it on my own skin, and they dont work the same! so ask him if he tried how they work?? such a nonsense, t3 affects heart, fatigue comes from tired heart! brain fog comes from heart that is not pumping enough blood into the brain! ditto! i experienced this on my skin

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