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Has anyone got an appology ?

Has anyone got an appology ?

Has anyone got an apology from the medical profession for

Mistreatment and misdiagnoses.

Or do we all have to blunder on?

Did you know doctors can't confront one another over

A misdiagnosis. It's an opinion.

Once you are blacken with the psychiatrists brush

There does not appear to be a way out.

One of the doctors at my local A & E said go to the

Press about your treatment.

He said he couldn't and I wouldn't trust the doctors in

The hospital whether it was just A & E.

He went on to say that most doctors think

their patients are a waste of space.

I happen to be the 1 in 10,000 who is sick.

There is no whistle blowing place for patients.

The NHS complaints procedure only smooths

Things over. So they can carry on making the

Same diagnosis.

It's only trips or falls or the wrong operation that solicitors

Are interested in mistreatment with medication does not appear

To count.

Another doctor cant over rule another one.

Or tell him to withdraw his diagnosis.

It all only an opinion.

The press thus far have taken no notice.

The doctor in A & E said he couldn't report my

Case he told me to go to the press.

I told him his colleagues had sent me to a psychiatrist

Twice when I was very ill physically. He was not supprised.

I was taken off antibiotics and put on psychatric drugs.



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You cannot fight the establishment. I was the victim of a predatory surgeon - as were several others. We found each other online. We could do nothing. He hired a PR company to push out positive publicity about himself. This was private, but NHS is the same. He had the best legal team and we were powerless against them.

They close ranks, they lie, they exploit their power. It is a closed little club of professionally incompetent bullies.

They will NEVER admit wrongdoing as it opens up the way for you to sue successfully.

All you can do is write online reviews on sites that allow you to name and shame, like complaintsboard and ripoffreport.

Do not be intimidated by threats of libel - it is only libel if it is not true.

Do go to the press. But as far as formal complaints and justice.....forget it

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Yes I read they can bully one another.

This was in the US.

The story was about this patient who was harassed mind control.

The doctor in charge was a lower grade psychiatrist.

His higher grade Mason buddy wanted to keep her in.

And do what?

The junior got her out.

The media the polticians are all at it. People don't want to believe. Doctors say keep your mouth closed. Cause they won't say either.

It takes two doctors to commit you if you say your being harrassed.

Never mind the physical illness.



Hmm maybe we could hire a PR company for Thyroid UK?????

How bout it.

There seems to be enough people getting bullied by their doctors who know B all.

We need to be made doctor aware!

There's as many creeps and pedi files and Masons who would manipulate you.

Perhaps it needs PR is the only way?

I tried to report several GP's playing

Mason games. My notes went missing they told the police I harrassed them. When they were supposed to be healing me?

Without my permission.

So I said to them to talk to me.

Because their healing was in the wrong polarity.

They had no respect for my abilit in knowing what they were upto.

As far as I am concerned they were no different to Jimmy Savel.

And that's saying something.

They are usaries.

There could be as much as 45% of male doctors who are masons.

They use their non mason colleagues as well as their own families and patients.

It's a whole magical system it's got worse. Than it once was even.

I seem to be able to pick these fells out. I have another one right now.

I wrote and told him I don't trust him. And to keep his distance.

The others were using biofeedback

I think his still not using that.

He did clear the place where I am now of electropollution. Energy wise.

He has be helping.

But I don't trust him.

He will not answer questions.

They keep the two worlds sepiate.

You have to get into their world.

But they don't seem to know enough

yet carry on...

I can't make him talk.



I just remembered another doctor (Asian) as this last one was. In A&E told me he was leaving the Medical profession because of too many Masons.

He was going to be a missionary. I said I had a problem too he left it with another doctor in the department nothing happened.

Homeopathy is all part of the mason ethos.


All it is the rich people became masons and the poor witches.



A friend of mine was treated negligently during surgery - three times, each further surgery to correct the original one. She couldn't work for a couple of years, nearly died and eventually sued the surgeon after hearing from some of the nurses that he'd done the same to others. He 'lost' her notes. This meant everything she said was questioned, it was a huge stress to her to compile her claim, she had both surgeons and lawyers in her family who backed her up, but even so it went on for about two years. The surgeon in question agreed a token compensation, which she accepted rather than go to court. The GMC weren't interested and the man is still practising at a couple of local NHS hospitals and private ones. I pass his name on to people I meet if I hear of them needing similar surgery and warn them to steer clear of him. However it is very difficult to win against such a person and I don't think he apologised at all. In fact there are certain professions in which you're told never to apologise.

A nurse told me of another surgeon who had killed several patients through negligence. His 'punishment' was to work only under supervision, so he simply moved to a different area and carried on as before. The nurse said she always wanted to warn patients when she heard they were being treated by him but couldn't.

That said, my GP has apologised for not working out what was wrong with me and for not being able to treat me, and recently for not being able to prescribe ERFA as I had normal blood test results years ago when first diagnosed privately.

I don't think that the Masons, as a whole, are necessarily a part of this. I think it's more that any group or organisation of like-minded people will help each other, especially if any fall-out would reflect on them all, and a profession such as medicine, with high salary, esteem, inflated egos etc. and everything to lose, is one of the largest groups of such people. Then within those groups you get the ones with super-inflated egos!

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Framboise, I agree with you. Every industry and group has it's cliques. That's what people, monkeys, chimpanzees, animals, birds, etc, are about. Who's in. Who's out.


I got an apology from a GP once. I'd had a very off the cuff remark from the doctor about an operation I'd had. To me it was devastating, but the GP brushed it off. I wrote him a very long letter explaining how the lead up to it had ruined my life. I got an apology which went on for 40 minutes. But it was pre-internet and nothing was written down, so in the long run it did me no good.

Also - a different time, a different problem, and a different GP - when I was 13, I had a very serious, life-threatening, and excruciatingly painful health problem that is classified as a medical emergency (when it is correctly identified that is). It took nearly a month for me to be admitted to hospital and for the problem to be operated on. My GP actually came to visit me in hospital. He didn't apologise (in so many words). But how many people have ever been visited in hospital by their GP?


Funnily enough, an old GP of mine visited me in hospital to apologise profusely for being cross with me for just turning up at her surgery with my very sick baby - I think she thought I had been making a bit of a fuss over nothing but, after a very quick look at my daughter, got us admitted to hospital asap.

It was many years ago, and she was a lovely GP.


I had a letter of apology from my ex-family GP who hadn't opened a letter advising of abnormal smear. 9 months later the new GP practise I tranferred to arranged for me to be seen by a Gynae within 2 days. The Gynae phoned the ex GP and tore him off a strip while I listened. The diagnosis was cancer but it hadn't spread so I didn't need invasive surgery.


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