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results at last

Hi a few of you have asked me to post results so here goes.

TSH 7.45 ( 0.35 -5.5 )

T4 17 ( 9 - 23)

T3 4.0 (3.5 - 6.5 )

This was June 2014.

Endo said to increase from 75 to 100m

A mixed blood test , G.P asked for TSH only. 4.4 July 21st

Sorry to be a moaner , but this is the most difficult site to access that I have ever been on.


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Thanks for your blood results. I am glad Endo is increasing your dose. Your initial dose was too low. I hope you feel an improvement soon.

Our site has been 'updated' unfortunately as we were more or less used to the previous one, after the horrendous changeover which took then.


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