My suggestion with one issue on new site

As the green bulb has just ignored me I thought I would post about something with regard to their only being posts as opposed to blogs as well with this new site. What I find with this is as there are so many members now and subsequently so many posts that topics get lost before many members may have even seen them. What I would like to see is that when a poster replies to a post that post then immediately goes to the top or beginning again until the topic has been fully discussed. I know this works as I have been on other groups where this method is used.

Just my two pence worth.....

Apparently its not even worth that though.....

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  • I'd say it is worth a lot more than that! :)

    I agree!


  • HypoT2years, That is a great suggestion. Please email it to

  • If you go to this page :

    there is a box near the top of the page which says "Sort by". Click on that and you can see various options. I usually switch between Newest and Recently Active. I don't read everything, but by doing this I don't think I miss much that interests me.

    Edit : Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?

  • I still prefer Posts and Questions. Hypo2tears you are right. The questions (posts) move at superspeed as we have so many members wanting answers.

    I do miss Posts as distinct from questions as l tried to find a Post (not a question) which I thought was very useful. For the life of me, after reading through so many questions, I couldn't find the post in the end. It used to be so, so easy.

  • I think the admin staff deserve a medal for keeping up with the posts, I'd be boss eyed at the end of the day if I had to plough through them all...

  • My green bulb has disappeared...... :( that was short period of time they gave for

    I did complain about this but my suggestion was'closed' with the reply -I replied back again but have heard nothing since.

    I think it is great shame they don't take notice of users of their website more.....or even a little!!!

    But hey -yes bring back the posts and questions!!! PLEASEEEEEEeeeeeee..........healthunlock

  • I agree

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