I have just seen a plus for the new Beta site!!

At least no one can moan at people any more when they post but it should of been a question and vice versa as it its all rolled into one mass of questions and posts! People used to quake in their boots in case they got it wrong and then got told off!

Ha ha I have just gone to post this and it has asked me whether its a post or a question??? Surely it does not matter anymore surely? What the flip!!!!

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  • True.

    But there would have been far less a problem had they never used the word "Post"! Originally they were called Blogs. And you could post a question or post a blog.

    It would also have helped a lot if admins and original posters had the ability to switch a posting between being a Question and being a Post (or Blog). Thus allowing any answers/replies to remain. Always felt bad saying anything at all. Water now well and truly under bridge and nearing the sea.


  • Half the time it was not even the admins Rod, just some folk appeared to get a real bee in their bonnets over it...I just felt sorry for some of the posters especially if they were new and did not know the 'rules'! ;-)

  • Hi Missdove,

    I think they're either future proofing by asking whether it's a post or question or it's summat to do with sorting Activity. I find that a mess right now as I'd like to be able to find my own posts without scrolling through answers and responses to others posts and questions.

    Must dash off another whinging feedback to HU. They must love me, never anything positive to say :-D

  • You should all be so pleased to have such excitement. HU seem to have forgotten out iPad users. There is no sign of any new Beta site for me. Am I missing much?

  • Only some users have been migrated to test the beta version. It won't be rolled out to everyone for a while - hopefully not until it's a bit more sorted.

    You are not missing much. It doesn't work properly yet :)

  • @Hennerton I can think of far better ways of getting my kicks!! ;-) You are really missing nothing!!

  • Thanks. Funnily I just had a bar telling me about it but I have ignored it, in view of all your comments.

  • Hennerton - we would really value your feedback! If you do have time to go over there and give it a once over, it would be most appreciated!

    At the moment, you can clear your cookies and return to the old style site! :)

  • No idea how to clear a cookie. Sorry, complete tech phobe! If I go, I shall never get back to the old site. Will have to wait until forced.

  • Hey I just managed to!

    Log out of HU (remember username & password!)

    I'm using Chrome - top right click the 3 lines, settings, scroll down to show advanced settings - under Privacy click the box named Clear browsing data, just tick clear cookies & click box.

    Then I closed chrome then re-opened it & Logged back into HU and it's the 'old' version. :D

    or Internet explorer - top right tools cog, internet options, general tab, go down & tick browsing history, click delete box. OK

    and I'm no teccie nowadays either, Jane :D

  • Nevertheless there seems to be a yawning gap between your knowledge and mine. Thanks for the idiots guide but not idiot proof for me. I am on an iPad. Does that make it different?

  • Not sure! Wouldn't want to mess things up for you! :( xx

  • Have somehow got back to the current site with out doing anything!!!!

  • Clutter, I think their intention is to get rid of differentiating between Questions and Posts/Blogs and having it all as one - Activity.

    I liked having Blogs on different subjects, to which I'd add links/info from time to time. We all know what a Blog is. A Blog is not a question - it's a Blog.

    I think they should stick to Blogs for Blogging purposes, and Questions or Posts for the purpose of asking questions.

  • We fought HARD to get 'Blogs' back - but were simply out-voted by other groups who said that their members were confused about the blog section and actually felt uneasy and worried about posting in there, in case it meant that they had to do it regularly and in depth (like a traditional 'blogger')!

    This being the case - we are pleased that the sections have been combined - although we are also confused about the posts vs Q question!

    I have decided to speak to HU again on Monday to try and clear up a few things, including this....

  • I suspect it is a transitional thing - while some people are seeing them separated, there needs to be a way of posting to one or the other. When we are committed to the new version, I think that question might disappear. Mind, I could be very wrong. :-)


  • I agree Clutter, it needs to be clearly defined for us poorly folk...;-) It is messy that's for sure!

    Ha ha I am sure they love you and realise why there is so much feedback...x

  • Hmm, I think they may have me on a weekly digest or go straight to junk folder for all the notice they take, Miss Dove.

  • Well that is not so good...You are contacting them for valid reasons!!

  • I'm fairly sure that they have been flooded Clutter LOL! They have also recently had a key member of the support team leave, and I'm not sure if they have brought in anyone to fill that space yet...!

  • Surely not the wonderful Hugo who has helped me so often in the past? I noticed I was getting emails from someone else.

    On question of the blog v posts / questions - I always looked on questions as being where I asked a question where I was hoping to get advice for a problem - anything else was a blog and I preferred 'blog' to 'post' because post to me covers anything I put ( to post) online. I did prefer it when they were separated, much easier to find things :-)

  • Not the lovely Hugo! :)

    The lovely Amedeo..! :(

  • I only had dealings with Hugo - between him and my hairdresser's assistant I got my iPad under control. :-)

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