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Short episodes of vertigo throughout the day. Am I stuck with it?

1 month into T3 only, 25 mcg split 4x daily + making steady improvement (everything crossed it continues), but still experiencing bouts of vertigo during the day.

Lasts for few minutes to an hour. Generally don't need to sit still during an episode (maybe I've adapted to the vertigo now?).

Tiny problem really after being so poorly in those awful 5mths of thyroxine. Just wondered whether those who have had hypothyroidism for some time +are optimally treated, still feel sea-sick intermittently? Maybe it'll go away in time or with a bit more T3..?


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Rach, how much thyroxine were you taking prior to T3?


75mcg, tsh was 0.9.

Was on 100mcg before that + tsh was 0.09


Rach, you're taking the equivalent of 75mcg now. You could try raising your dose by 6.25mcg to 12.5mcg in the morning to see if it improves the vertigo and take the other 3 x 6.25mcg doses as usual.

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Many thanks Clutter, will give it a try. : )


I saw this yesterday - might help..


I felt dizzy contantly last year. GP sent me to ENT who found no cause. So I asked my endo to test for coealiac, screen came back negative. I decided to try cutting out gluten anyway & this resolved the problem for me.


i am taking 100 t4+25 t3 in one tablet, this is my 3rd day, and i swallow it all in 1 sip :)

i think if you divide the dose you make it try taking it 2 times daily now and see if there is change, and then try it 1 x per day....

i have noticed the sound in the ear i get after 12 -18 hours away from taking the tinitus in the ear is sound my hormones dropped.


Thanks. Have tried various combinations including once/daily but makes me too woozy/ dreamy headed for 2-3 hrs after taking. 4x daily suits me better, more level throughout the day.

Guess it's all pretty individual , probably need to just up my dose by a smidgen


by splitting you get less lvl through the day..thats what they concluded..i read it in one study.......but i know that brain fog like you have not woke up entirely :)----this is what t4 did me too, i may try going back to 2 times a day for my 25 mcg :) maybe i was just trying to be more practical...yes i guess uping the does by a little could do the trick


I had this for about 1.5 years along with tinnitus. When i correctly self diagnosed pernicious anaemia and effectively managed it myself (as opposed to letting the nhs mismanage it) and switched to NDT to effectively manage hashimoto's myself, it eventually went.

So hopefully you are not stuck with it. It is really awful and i remember how desperate i felt.


I had episodes of light headedness and lowered BP especially in morning, turned out for me to be blood sugar levels


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