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Thank goodness I found this site

Diagnosed overactive and treated with Carbimazole . Finally given radioactive iodine. Oh dear how I regret that. After a few weeks feeling rough endo says now underactive and started Levothyroxine . I have never felt well since that day. Being told your bloods are fine and so should you be, is so depressing. Tiredness mind bending tinnitus light headed and some very scary episodes of vertigo.

Now I am on new meds this year for " atrial flutter" and feel worse. Unfortunately another vertigo attack two days ago has left me scared to leave the house.

Any advice is welcome

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Oh dear pinkpeony, that doesn't sound good at all and I am so sorry that you have these new problems now after the RAI treatment.

I have ongoing arguments at hospital appointments because I am overactive and refusing to have either the RAI or surgery. My next appointment is November and I am coping with Carbimazole without too many nasty side effects that other people on this site have to deal with. Your posting is one of many who regret having RAI and go on afterwards to suffer from this decision.

I have been told to have either the RAI/Surgery options and then "take a tablet each day and all will be fine"........ reading very many postings on this wonderful thread tells a very different story!!

I hope you get the right treatment and will begin to feel balanced and half decent before too long.

Sending hugs for you today, take it easy and take care now. xx

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Hi, unfortunately a familiar story. However, the good news is that if this is all relatively recently you can do your research and hopefully find the answer with the right treatment (not just T4) before too much more damage is done. I had RAI x 2 doses nearly 20 years ago and have been unwell ever since. Only discovered all this information and this forum via Thyroid UK and STTM a few weeks' ago and realise that my adrenal glands are probably completely knackered which complicates things further. I realise I have a rocky road ahead of me but at least I feel I'm on the right track. There are lots of very knowledgeable people on here and you will find the way. Good luck.


Thank you so much for your question. It has on its own helped me decide not to go ahead. I am crying for you right now and feel your pain. Be brave and do your research, like the lady said in the other reply, you can get in there and improve things. I know how hopeless it can feel and I'm praying you catch a break xx


Hello ,Thank you for your post.

I am still feeling unwell but thanks to the great people on this site I can go to the doctor and know basically more than him. Lol which is not difficult.

They pointed me in the direction of low b12 , folate etc and this has proved to be the case.

If only I had this information when I first saw Endo 2 years ago!

I wish you all the best and hope you are well soon:·)