For goodness sake I give up!

Ok, so 3 months ago I saw a different doctor at my surgery, he increased levothyroxine to 100mg from 75mg. It was near the top end of the range and I was feeling the symptoms. In fact I took a list of my symptoms with me so I didn't forget anything. He also said that he thought I should try and think about coming off bisoprolol and bendroflumathioside. He said that he thought my symptoms could be controlled more easily with an increase of levo. I was having palpitations and and missed heart beats plus some swelling. He said that next time he saw me he would discuss coming off the heart medication and be monitored to see how I got on. 3 months on and I have just had my blood test done and have had a call from the surgery to say I need to see a doctor as my TSH serum level is down to 0.2 (0.3 -5.5). Does this mean I am now heading in to hyperthyroid territory as I feel really quite well apart from a bit of joint pain. I still have a basal temp of 35. Am I making any sense? Am I hyper at this level, many thanks for any replies, I haven't been here for a while as I have been feeling well.

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  • Hi First of all, never take beta Blockers on the morning of the thyroid test, take afterwards, They give a false result, thyroid drugs too. For the correct treatment you need TSH, T4 and FT3 done, and if possible the other autoimmune , hormonal tests. See TUK site.

    If your NHS cannot do Ft3, then try and pay on line for them. The 3 tests should always be done before any alteration in drugs If FT3 too high , then it can cause heart problems, or very low too. Ideally it should be near the top of range. T4 should be about top third of range. If T4 at the top and FT3 not, chances are you need T4 ( levo) and T3. You can only tell this by the blood results. If a cardio put you on the drugs then go back to him., do not let a GP just alter them. if not, when seen an endo and levels right, if no better, see a cardio. Better see a really good Endo ( your choice). If seeing a cardio you should always be under an Endo for thyroid, they go together..I hope this helps. TSH not a good judge of anything. A few people do have very low TH, mine is immeasurable,but I am treated by T4 and FT3, very Hypo.Some people , rare, but have a natural low temp, mine is always 35.4 Joint pain often low vit D, but if low you need a test for corrected calcium before treatment. Ideally as hormonal, under an Endo.. I hope this answers everything as it is middle of the night ( Hypo!) Otherwise, or to get back to me, click on "Reply to this ",under this post,

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  • I see my doctor on Friday and am going to insist on a full test, the works and if I meet negativity I will insist and if that doesn't work I will pay. I had an echo scan recently and apart from my ectopic beat there was nothing wrong. I was given bendro for fluid retention. My blood pressure was elevated but as my father was ill terminally ill it is hardly surprising I felt rough, he died just before Christmas. My blood pressure is now often very low and pulse always below 60. I am not a honed athlete, I exercise daily and am only half stone overweight. I think I will book a double appointment!,

  • Hi Your Echo was a good idea. However, did you have a 24 hour monitor or better still a 7 day. ? Intermittent problems faultsin beat ie an Arrythmia, only show on this as it does non stock ECG`s.Ace inhibitors are the preferred choice by Cardio`s for high BP, and they also give a little heart muscle protection. loop diuretics are considered best, ie Furuoside etc, there are others.Make sure you drink plenty of water on diuretics and have U`s and E`s ( kidney function) checked some times. Also make sure your sodium ( U`s and E`s) is in range, low, below range can cause low BP , and of course, the reverse. You certainly need another monitor at home for the low HR anyway.

    Yes, seriously I would book a double and get sorted, hopefully.

    I am so sorry to hear about your Farther. death of any loved, one, no matter the circumstances, is hard and takes a long while to cope with.

    Get back to me if I can help more.

    Best wishes,


  • No, Daisymoo, it doesn't mean you are heading towards hyper - although if your doctor is ignorant, he might think so! So you've got to know better than him and know that the TSH is not a reliable test once you are on thyroid hormone replacement because the link between the pituitary and the thyroid is broken, and it no-longer accurately reflects thyroid status.

    In order to know if you are over-medicated, it is imperative to do the FT3. If that is over the top of the range, you might be over-medicated. But even then, symptoms have to be taken into consideration. Just because the T3 is there in your blood, doesn't mean that your body is using it.

    Also, as you have been taking beta-blockers, it's highly unlikely that you are over-medicated. Beta-blockers are used to treat hyper!

    Besides, 0.2 isn't even that low. It's not as if it's suppressed, and even if it were, that is not a problem. Doctors are so very ignorant on this subject, but stand your ground and refuse to accept a decrease in your levo dose based on a measily TSH - you're hardly taking anything as it is!

    Hugs, Grey

  • Thank you, I am insisting on staying at this level as I feel much better. I think a part of the problem is beta lookers.

  • I'm sure it is, and it was very intelligent of your doc to think that you could give them up and control the problem more easily with an increase in levo. Now you just have to convince him that a low TSH is meaningless and to test the FT3.

    Good luck! Grey

  • If your T3 is not too high you will be fine my TSH is 0.08 but it isn't a problem. Get your T3 checked & ask your gp to do some reading!!!!

  • You are not hyper in my opinion if you don't have any hyper symptoms e.g. fast pulse, high temperature, fine tremor, loose bowel movements etc. Your TSH looks good to me, if you are feeling well, then this sounds like the right dose for you. As GG says, it's great that your doctor seems to be so well informed re the link between hypothyroidism and heart problems :) xx

  • You would definitely feel it, if you were hyper. The FT3 and FT4 measured at the same time (but don't ever take your medication, T4, BEFORE a blood test) are best judges. It will be flooding your bloodstream and be misleading if taken before a blood test.

    My TSH was 1.6. It doesn't seem too bad but I didn't feel good. It turns out my FT3 and FT4 were slightly above the very minimum. SEE, TSH isn't much of an indicator so don't change a thing.

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