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Having a bad moment

Sorry to be a pain guys , it's Binkynoo just sent myself into outer space , I'm having a few issues at the moment breathless , dry mouth muscle pain and Iv had a google totally convinced I have something else than my overactive thyroid the only thing that is overactive is my mind it's awful how can it be , just feel shocking at the moment no one to talk to my back is achey at the moment I'm on Carbi you guys have hopefully read previous posts to see my diagnosis apart from now convinced myself I have lupus & something else. It's gonna be a long month I need sorting out my health is in a bad way my mind getting worse for it. Binkynoo :-(

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((((Big hugs)))) been where you are. Once you start Googling you can end up with all sorts of things you've never even heard of wrong with you. On the other hand sometimes you do find out what is wrong so it has its place. I found TUK by googling.

I know from back when I was first diagnosed it is amazing how many parts of your body being over active can affect. Before I was diagnosed like you I googled - I was positive I had some sort of auto immune disease - I looked at a lupus, Sjorgens etc and although I had some of symptoms of both I knew it wasn't either of them. Don't know why I never checked out over active thyroid because I was a classic example.

Anyway, in my early stages my whole body ached so much that I used to joke that it felt like I had been hit by a bus I ached so much. I'm now finished my block and replace treatment and am waiting to see what happens.

Do you know what your blood test levels are with ranges? That way you can see how you feel at various levels and you could post them for others to comment on. Also have you had your vitamin D and B12, ferritin and folates checked out? I know I feel best between 0.5 and 1 - at the moment I'm above 1 and the aching feet / joints / stiffness are all there again, I've also topped up to raise my B12 and Vit D to a better level.

If you can take it, try something like ibuprofen, I find that gives me a bit of relief although the effect wears off and I don't like taking them. I also relax in a nice bath with a cupful of magnesium flakes and some lavender oil - that helps a bit too.

Hope you feel better soon, at my worst I didn't think I ever would but I do feel better now.

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I am also hyper and have all of the above symptoms needs time patience and relaxing to help hope it settles for you soon


Binkynoo, you are not a pain at all. This is a brilliant site to have a rant or to share your concerns.

I am also a hyperactive thyroid sufferer and I know it's a roller coaster ride. Some days are good and some days are not good at all. Keep focused and be kind to yourself. Listen to your body and don't push yourself too much or else you will suffer with sheer exhaustion for days afterwards.

Google info by all means. We all do it and usually end up frightening ourselves, so be selective with the sites you read and use the info wisely. There are many on this brilliant site who are much more knowledgeable than I am. Ask all the questions that are worrying you and you are sure to be helped and get good positive advice. Take it easy and be kind to yourself and I really hope that you will get the correct treatment and feel a little better each day. xxxx

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