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Hi I'm new here, I've had a diagnosed under active thyroid for a few years now, I am currently on 125mcg this has just recently increased from 100. My function tests always show me just hovering above the bottom line of the range of 'normal'. I've asked for a referral to endocrinologist as not convinced my other condition (Fibromyalgia) is guilty of all my symptoms.

I've recently developed a sore throat that won't ease, it's been almost 5 weeks now, and for the last 3 weeks I have developed a cough too, neither seem to be related to a cold. I also get pain radiating from my throat into my ears. I thought I was getting tonsillitis but that hasn't materialised.

This morning while in the shower I felt a lump at the base of my neck on the left hand side, I'm not sure whether it's just a fatty lump, tight muscle or something else...I don't want to google as worried about making myself paranoid 🙄 any suggestions or advice? Do I need to visit GP?

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  • I would go and see your GP if only to set your mind at rest. They may refer you for a scan to check everything is ok. I had enlarged lymph nodes and was sent for an ultrasound, it showed everything was fine and made me stop worrying x

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  • Nom79,

    It is very likely that lump is a swollen gland due to the sore throat you've had but a GP should always be consulted when a lump is detected in case it needs further investigation.

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  • see the GP and get to a endocrinologist asap. Never ignore a lump.

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  • These two links may be helpful:-



    Dr Lowe died through an accident so his site is now archived but info still good.

  • Thank you, I've read Dr. Lowe's stuff and wish he was still alive!! I made some notes awhile back so must route them out, thanks for jogging my memory x

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