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ESA, permitted work & increasing hours

I got my permitted work form sent out last year & i ticked the box saying that i wanted to increase my hours, they never sent the form out. So i increased my hours not by much but they still increased. this year i got the form sent out again & this time they sent the additional form out. I back dated it to last year, when i started doing a few more hours. Did i do the right thing will i get into trouble?? A guy rang me & i told him i hadnt increased the hours yet but meant up to the maximum that i could do, please help im scared that ive done something wrong & im afraid of losing my money as im not fit for full time work due to extreme tiredness & nerve pain, my nerves were damaged during thyroidectomy & im currently under the care of the pain clinic, thanks in advance.

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Hi Mrs Bargirl

Please don't worry. I know that's easy to say but in the best of times filling in official forms is difficult.

Maybe one of our members can assist you by giving you some information if you have any difficulties.

At present try to put it out of your mind (which I know will be difficult) and if some official contacts you there must be some voluntary organisation who has the right connections to help you.

I am really sorry your thyroidectomy went wrong and you are now suffering nerve damage which must be extremely painful. You cannot possibly be fit to work.


thanks for getting back to me, it has been pretty worrying, have had calls from a private number & ive ignored them cos i get so flustered! do you think i will be ok? i mean i increased hours, from 3 to approx 9, & didnt tell them but partly because i was waiting on the form & then i just forgot about it.

it has been pretty rough, i was very active before & now id say about 14hrs a week is the height of what i can do.

my pain clinic dr has suggested injectable form of pain relief as tablet forms have been tried & havent agreed with me. does anyone have any experience of this? like what is it, how its administered? thanks


I would just it till someone gets back to you and sa yyou were awaiting the form which didn't arrive and because you are very unwell and cannot deal with forms etc. If their office has been inefficient it's not your falt.

What medication are you on? Levo I assume and what is your dose? If you have or can get the results of your latest thyroid gland blood tests, with the ranges, and post them on a new question for members to comment. If you have not had one for a while, ask GP also for Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate as we are usually deficient.

I think you might be undermedicated, if your GP only goes by the TSH.


im on 75mcg thyroxine, which has been pretty stable i am getting blood tested for vit b12 on wed. but its not the levels im worried about its what the injections consist of..... i have read that ketamine is sometimes used but you be treated as a day patient & its given via a syringe driver


I shouldn't worry about B12 injections. I have been getting them for more than 20 years and have no problem (of course the nurse has to be good). I also take sublingual B12 methylcobalamin as well.


no, i think you have misunderstood me, the injections i am asking about is for the pain relief for my nerve pain, as the tablet pain relief dosnt agree with me, just currently on 15/500 & 30/500 co-codamol.


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