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changing benefits?? im not fit to be made work!!! exhausted!

im on incapacity & its changing soon, i have 3wks to get my form in, i do 3hrs permitted work, i have depression, exhaustion, nerve damage from a TT resulting in nerve pain, i am really not fit to be working full time, just wondering if there are others in similar position to me, even hoovering leaves me wiped out!

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Unfortunately... I have depression, exhaustion, anaemia (constantly), fibromyalgia, so pain all over, and walking up the stairs leaves me wiped out (I'm moving to a bungalow at aged 33 for that reason) and I am apparently fit to work, full time, in a stressful job.

Sorry I can't be more helpful :(


The only thing I can advise is to get help with your form from the CAB or an appropriate charity, or social worker if you have one.

If you get told you are fit for work, do appeal and do get help from the CAB with your appeal. Our CAB have more than a 50% success rate and that is for mental health patients, which is quite impressive.

Keep fighting if you can and get all the help you can. Get reports from medical professionals involved in your care and include friends and family in your list of people who help you. Use the space at the end of the form, for additional information, to state how this really affects your day to day life, giving examples where possible. Don't be modest. Tell it how it is. I can't guarantee this will get you the result you need but it may help.

I really do urge you to get help with your form. Other people on here may be able to point you in the direction of further help too.

I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. It really isn't fair that sick and disabled people are having to fight so hard when they can barely get through the day.

Please let us know how you get on and I really hope you get the result you deserve.

Carolyn x


thanks guys! its awful, people dont realise how wiped you be i get 'what has you tired sure youre only young!' im 35, i did work full time 2 jobs at the same time in fact! i will go to my local council office to help. paws crossed eh? x


Good luck and huge (((hugs))) xxx


thank you! i'd be lost without this site!! meant to say i have to take regular naps during the days too! wouldnt that look well in a job!


And yet my daughters boyfriend, who I cannot stand and therefore reported to the social, is still claiming he cant work due to bad back, and yet went on every ride at Alton Towers last year, and spent most of the summer working with his dad doing gardens!!

Yes, I really did shop him in to the social!!! It is because of people like him these changes are happening, as they are bleeding the system dry, and those of you that need the benefits, are going to go through hell to try and keep them

Ann xxx


I have to say that I was on incapacity benefit following a car accident where I broke my hip and pelvis. I was in a lot of pain during my recovery. At the same time I knew I couldn't wallow and that I needed to keep moving.

I went to play tennis once a week at my club and would then feel dead for about 3 days after and not be able to move.

I would worry though that if someone reported me, it would look bad on the day I played tennis because they had no idea how it was affecting me afterwards. Rehabilitation was the key though.

For that reason I was less of a drain on benefits because I got better quicker.


If you are on facebook have a look for Atos Miracles page, they have got tons of useful info :)

I got declared fit for work last year, total farce, and am still waitng for tribunal date now, just another massively stressful situation that we don't need but try not to panic too much!

Good luck and if you need to chat further about it just message me.

Kazzy x


Thank you so much for the fb page - have another Atos 'interview' next month - fingers crossed!

Helen x


got my form filled in today with the help of my local council office, she was very helpful & said if i needed further help & advice to call them, so my mind is a wee bit more at ease!

thank you all so much for your answers! i will keep you posted!! xx


I too have been declared fit for work and have just this morning spoke with my GP on the phone to arrange a sick note. I was so worried yesterday when I received the letter as I knew that I wasn't able to get out of the house to get to the doctors. It's difficult enough to be able to get out of bed and make it to the kitchen never mind the doctors.

The thing I find is that they don't really understand. I cannot tolerate thyroid meds, I'm unable to walk and this week I have already had 5 episodes of left side paralysis/ weakness and I'm so exhausted.


omg Caroline thats awful, i think thyroid disorders are so misunderstood, its a joke and some people are on benefits and they are fine!! the government needs to take a serious look at things!


I know. None of us want to be ill and on benefits but it is scary if you know that you are unable to work at the moment. We don't need the added stress of worrying if we will be homeless and starving. Since being diagnosed I have returned to work twice and became worse. So now I just want to concentrate on getting well with a hope of returning to at least part time work in the future.

We will get there!

Carolineanne x


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