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Has anyone taking vitamin D3, linked vitamin D3 to having 'Hypo's' with Type 2 Diabetes please ?

Apologies this is not Thyroid related, but I feel this is the best HU site to ask my questions on as many members on here are aware of vitamin D3, many on here also might take it and many on here might also have Diabetes Type 2.

* Has anyone or someone you know with Type 2 Diabetes and taking vitamin D3 had hypos and feel it might link back to when they first started taking vitamin D3. ?

* Has anyone or someone you know with Type 2 Diabetes found they needed to lower their insulin amounts since starting to take D3. ?

Thank you.

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my vitamin d lvls were below minimum ref range, and after only 20 days of suppelemnting with 3000.i.j of d3 i got mole sensitivity! i wonder if thats the connection between moles, sun, and cancers......

and i am hypo, i dont have diabetes 2 but i do think i have blood sugar issues! i sometimes feel hungry even after i ate!....but have read that everyone who is hypo has blood sugar imbalances too, and maybe i will invest in one glucose meter :).....i did not notice vitamin D3 made any difference


That is interesting and different again, ivy77,

Might be worth you posting up and asking if anyone else has a mole sensitivity linking with vitamin D3.

Good idea about getting yourself a glucose meter.

(Must point out that this posting of mine is on behalf of someone else rather than myself.)

On the 'Vitamin D Council' website, there was a write up linking Type 2 Diabetes with D3.

(Type in the search column - Type 2 Diabetes and Vitamin D3)

Might be worth checking the 'Vitamin D Counci'l website to see if there is anything on D3 linking with mole sensitivity ivy77.


thank you very much i just checked could not find anything....yes i was so surprised! i felt this vitamin d and moles sensitivity immediately i think after only few days but ignored until it did not develop into something really painful!! i was so worried!!....i doubt anyone will know to answer why is that...but i connected immediately sun with vitamin d and melanoma :)


Just read/googled, moles and skin tags are a sign a liver is sluggish. Hope your liver is OK ;)

Also googled that vitamin deficiency causes moles skin tags and warts so best to take in more vitamin A.

Try Googling on various websites for - 'Moles and vitamin D/D3' and see if throws up anything else, ivy77.


Ivy, my husband has type 2 diabetes and has been taking D3 for about a year with no problems. He hasn't got a thyroid problem but is receiving chemotherapy for Myeloma. I am hypothyroid and was told to take D3 last summer by my GP. At the time I thought my husband was having the same symptoms as me so suggested he get his vitamin D checked - he was low too. His Haematologist told him that about 95% of people in the UK have vit D deficiency! If this is the case, why aren't patients routinely checked for this yearly whenever they have a blood test. I'm sure this would particularly benefit the elderly and help keep them healthy and out of the doctor's surgery. It seems like common sense to me.


Good to hear you Husband is OK with type 2 Diabetes and vitamin D3,

I believe Doctors were being sent info on giving many OAP's a 1000iu dose of vitamin D3.


Thank you - I haven't heard that - let's hope it happens.


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