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Wilsons and adreanal

All, I was warned that using the wilson Protocol may affect my adrenals ,I think this has happened.

On the last round of Wilsons as I was lowering the dose , I noticed my eyes started to swell up and look puffy and watery. I changed over to NDP and my eyes blew up> i do have problems with dogs and cats and I have had hay fever in the past but this was horrible. My eyes closed up and my skin went dry and very red. I went Moorfields and they said I have a very bad case of hay fever and I just had to wait for the season the end. I have been able to alleviate this by taking 10 Mg of DHEA with my NDP that helps but through out the day my eyes start to water then swell up and I can't see , I must say its a lot better with the DHEA. I also take 10-20 Mg of pregnenalone before I go to bed, I have taken NDP before and never had this reaction . Do you think my adrenals have failed?

I was only able to tolerate 100MCR of NHs thyroxin but with NDP I am taking 11/2 grains and don't feel too bad except for the eyes.

Any advice would be helpful.



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I don't think failing adrenals would affect your eyes so much. If your adrenals were failing I would expect you to feel really tired, like a zombie. You would sleep all the time. You would loose a massive load of weight and maybe even develop a fabulous tan even though you haven't been in the sun.


Quote: 'Do you think my adrenals have failed?'

Hi John, in a word, No - at least what you've described doesn't seem to point to adrenals. You would have overhwelming fatigue for a start, on waking you would feel so unrefreshed and barely manage to get out of bed; also salt cravings, painful muscles & joints, low blood pressure, etc etc.


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