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Mabe a silly question ...How do i know if another levo brand will suit me


Im on actavis and i did mixed wockhardt and actavis together due to the pharmacy giving them to me.then I suffered from nausea.. so how do we find out if another make would suit a person ?? If we shouldn't really i use my wockhardt to see if it feels better for a few days ?? ( only thing i seem to notice is sinse being on actavis i feel like my neck is restricted which comes and goes but im told that could he due to being under medicated)

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Trial and error. Choose a brand, make up the daily dose you need by cutting the tablet or alternating dose. If no adverse reaction then stick with it for a few weeks, I would go with 6 weeks. Note how you feel.

Then do the same with the other brand.

I think you would know pretty soon if you had a reaction to any of the excipients.

Hi Susie hope yr well.. i know we did have a little chat the other day about wockhardt.... As only really using actavis so far what other makes would be like..cheers susie.

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Cheers ... As time goes in u gess making notes would be a good idea

Morning , only thing I can add is that Wockhardt has the least amount of fillers so I have settled on that one, having had issues with Actavis and Mercury Pharma. Good luck

hi there im given my wockhardt a go qnd see how i feel. Your right less fillers so would seem a better med..i dont think ive had any problems with actavis but u wouldnt know what others are like. Apart from i mixed wockhardt and actavis and felt nausea...

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