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my thyroid journey into madness

WOW complex is it not? I have been diagnosed with a toxic thyroid adenoma 1.5 cm on right and another on left under 1 cm so no testing on that nodule so far the bigger one biopsied 2x and was painful came back benign but disconcerting still not sure if it is would need to be removed to be 100% sure. Anyway my nightmare began in Dec 2013 feeling crappy and on BHT since Aug 2013 for sudden onset meno but not responding so Doc/Gyno sent me for US on thyroid good dr :) listened to my symptoms because my labs were all normal every month for 4 months. US came and went and 2 biopses and lots of labs later I am a yoyo translated: borderline hypo/hyper no meds Endo wants to cut my neck up or blast me with RAI no way i know there are less extreme options if possible like ENT to remove nodule endoscopically if not fixed and i pray not, I feel horrible i suffer from depression, am in meno as mentioned previously and have thyroid disease, chronic insomnia for 5 yrs now, major GI issues and GRRR the list goes on.. fed up and waiting to do the right thing and hope to go on NT armor. My endo is a knob lol keeps me suffering because i refused her options and also beleive my adrenals are shot but she will not listen but it is my body my life my health i feel totally alone and hopeless sick and tired of being sick and tired and glad i am here and read other thyroid patients ' posts . This madness needs to end oh i forgot i am aready mad, mad as a hatter bahahaha. Any feedback would be appreciated sorry had to make this a long nutshell :)

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Menothyro, posting your thyroid results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after the results) will help members comment.

Depression and sleeplessness are common symptoms of thyroid dysfunction and can improve when optimally medicated.

Do you have a referral to an ENT specialist re endoscopic removal of the toxic nodule? Carbimazole is usually prescribed to regulate hyperthyroidism. Hemilobectomy to remove the lobe affected by the toxic nodule will leave the remaining lobe to function if the smaller nodule isn't also causing hyperactivity. RAI will destroy the entire thyroid gland and will cause hypothyroidism, if not immediately, within a few months.

Armour is used to treat hypothyroidism not hyperthyroidism.

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