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Both of my arms are swollen at the crook of the arm, the inside of the elbow.....the right arm on the inside on the left side and

The left arm on the inside on the right side.....the "swollleness" looks like a big bump...doesn't hurt except it does hurt to lean on my elbows.....I'm on armour 60. I tried taking some Benadryl to no avail, am going in for an aspiration biopsy in a couple weeks. Please update, have hashimotos now, most likely graves in 2002, no treatment, found 2 nodules, med to large in size. Thank you so much.

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I don't have experience with hyperthyroidism and members who have will comment.

When you say you are on Armour 60, do you mean 1 grain of Armour? I note you say you have improved a lot since taking it. If you are only on 1 grain it may be too little and the cause your swelling. I understand Hashimotos leads to being underactive eventually.This is a link re swelling. It's an archived site but has lots of good topics but some links within these may not work.

I note also you were not on medication and are self-medicating with Armour. Someone will also comment on the nodules.

If you have a thyroid gland blood test now you are on Armour, if you get a copy of them, with the ranges and post, members will comment. If you take Armour in the morning, don't take it before the blood test and have test as early as possible as that's when TSH is highest. If you take Armour at night, miss this and take after blood test.


Sorry, yes, 1 gr.


I had a second blood test on July 2, have not got the results yet. I did post my blood tests from June. Thanks, Barb


One more thing, I do have a picture of my arms if someone would like me to email it to them.


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