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Feeling rubbish

Was diagnosed oct last year with under active thyroid have had dose increased to 75 mg and my levels are now correct but still don't feel right, does anyone else feel like me my head just feels weird bit dizzy and heavy.i am 47 and periods very hit and miss having b12 and vit d tested next week but would give anything 2 feel normal again !! Can anyone give me advice please

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I suspect your thyroid levels are within the range known as normal, rather than correct. That doesn't mean the levels are optimal for you.

It's well worth finding out what your levels actually are. Your doctor's receptionist should give these to you if you ask - you have the right to see them. Once you do, post them here to let folks comment on how "correct" they really are. :) 75mcg of Levo is not an especially high dose, so I'd be surprised if you were on enough medication to feel well.

Vit B12 and Vit D are good things to check - both are often deficient in those with hypothyroidism. It's also worth getting ferritin tested too.


Hi Tracy

The phrase by Doctors 'your levels are now correct' are from a fantasy film. Every single one us need levels of thyroid hormones to be at an optimum level for us individually. So, the proper question the doctors should ask is 'how do you feel' and if still having problems, an increase in meds is warranted.

Unfortunately, most believe that if we are within 'normal range' everything must be fine. They have absolutely no idea. They are dealing with flesh and blood yet pronounce their diagnosis only on a point on a piece of paper. Any complaint is treated as 'nothing to do with the thyroid' and another med prescribed. They are unaware the are treating a clinical symptom of a dysfunction of the thyroid gland.

Always get copies of your blood tests from the surgery, with the ranges too, as labs differ and it enables members to comment more fully. You need them for your own records and so that you can post if you have a query.

You are probably undermedicated especially having 'female problems'. Ideally your TSH should be 1 or below.

If your GP hasn't tested Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these to be done as they are usually deficient.

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Who says your levels are 'correct'? Did your doctor measure them BEFORE you became ill? If he / she didn't then how would they know when you are back at your optimum levels? NEVER go by blood tests, go by how you feel and ruddy well demand your doctor take notice!!


Apparently my TSH levels were considered normal at 7.5 and 8 for over 7 years, until I got the print outs and posted up here. Now self-medicating and gradually feeling better.


Oh really thanks for that I will ask for them


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