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Help blood test...part2

Assimilate>20.0 if/L (4.8-19.0..abnormal

Serum triglycerides 2.1 mm/L (<1.7..abnormal

Serum cholesterol 5.8mail/L(2.0-5.0)

Serum folate>20.0if/L (4.8-19.0)..abnormal

Serum triglycerides. 2.1 mail/L(<1.7) abnormal

Mean corpus.:/ concert. (MCHC)" 315 g/L (320-360) Abnormal

"Coeliac disease screen........ref range for both

<7. U/nO-negative

7-10 u/'M-equivocal

>10 u/'M-positive

"Tissu transglutaminase If A lve" 0.5 U/nO

"Tissu transglutaminase IgG lve" < 0.1 U/mL

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Sorry you had no replies to your question.

It may be that it was missed.

I hope that you managed to find some answers.




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