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Please could i have some help interpreting my nieces results?

My niece is 24 and has been suffering with tiredness, sensitive to cold, memory loss mental sluggishness, likes to be on her own, hair loss brittle nails, dry skin, headaches, swollen tongue,wrist and back pain, heavy and long periods (2 weeks), double vision, hard to loose weight, joint stiffness, palpitations, vertio/dizziness. She had some blood work done and her results were

TSH 0.71 (0.3 - 5.6)

T4 is 10.5 (7.8 - 14.4)

Vit D3 97.8

Vit D2 5.4

overall 103.2

Any thoughts on these she is waiting on T3?


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Piplysmelie, TSH is good but FT4 is low in range which may mean that FT3 is also low. FT4 is ideally in the top 75% of range ie >12.75 in your niece's range. Unless her FT3 is below range I doubt she will be diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

VitD looks good. I'd ask her GP to test ferritin, B12 and folate to rule out deficiencies which can cause a lot of the symptoms your niece experiences.

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Thank you clutter, I will suggest the ferritin, B12 and folate tests.


Zinc deficiency can also cause hair loss. Evening primrose oil and Biotin have been recommended for hairloss/thinning and nails.

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Sounds very much like Vitb12 defeciency with memory loss,swollen tongue,headaches etc.It is very difficult in Aust.1 to get diagnosed & 2 to be treated as drs will tell you any thing above 180 is normal & it is not.I had thyroid issues but not taking any thyroid med now & levels ok.Internationally B12 needs to be over 550 mine 290 with lots of neuro symptons.You also need iron, folate ,homocysteine levels Vitamin B12 deficiency treatment protocol & print off.

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