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Anybody out there been through pregnancy whilst being prescribed some level of T3 or NDT?

My wife is on 30mcg or T3 along with 60mcg of NDT, she had a long period of struggling on T4 only, which wasted 6 years of her life without recovery. Now we are in a better place and her Endo does not have an issue keeping her on the above dose, however as soon as pregnancy is discussed he notes that no one in NHS will support going through it on anything other than T4! We are very keen to get in contact with anyone that has experienced a positive journey with T3 / NDT or T4/T3 combo through pregnancy with support from GP or Endo. If you are that person, or know of anyone that can help us please reply or private message us. Thank you for any help.

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Well, many women have spoken about their miscarriages here. I doubt any of those women were on NDT since they are so reluctant to prescribe it. I do hope you hear from them.

It is extremely important for the fetus to have enough thyroid. I've seen cretinism in one who didn't and it is disabling.


This is a link re T3 in pregnancy and hopefully someone will reply personally. Excerpt

Liothyronine is in the FDA pregnancy category A. This means that liothyronine is safe for use during pregnancy. It is also safe to take liothyronine if you are breast-feeding a baby. This drug does pass into breast milk but it not considered harmful to a nursing infant.

Do not change brands or change to a generic liothyronine drug product without first talking to your doctor. Some liothyronine products may not be interchangeable.


On reflection, this is a link of an article sent to the British Thyroid Association which may be of interest. Despite about 3 reminders to the BTA about their non-reply to his communication he was ignored. Unfortunately for us Dr Lowe died in Jan 2012 and he was an Adviser to The BTA insist that levothyroxine alone is the ultimate when many of us have not recovered our health with its use.


If your wife is healthy with no signs of over treatment, she desperately needs to keep to the same routine as she obviously needs the T3. My daughter's GP reduced her thyroxine and my daughter had a miscarriage. She went back to the GP and said she wanted to be on the same dose as she was on during her first pregnancy that went full term. Once she was back on the higher dose, she again carried full term.


Thank you for your replies, I'm not sure how rare it is to find someone that's been through full pregnancy whilst taking NDT or T3/T4. I read a few stories from America, but very few in UK. I am surprised at the doctors reluctance to work with NDT through pregnancy as it is largely T4.


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