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So I read the new site is even more worse that the previous change. Will Thyroid UK ever consider leaving Healthunlocked for another forum?

When the previous change happened people that used to visit the site often said they stopped coming so regularly. I am one of those people. The change brought in far too much white space and having replies in the feed meant so many questions and posts became hard to find.

Now I read that they have changed the site again and made it worse. Even more white space. They obviously don't care about busy sites like Thyroid UK, which is strange but seemingly true. I feel this will push away even more people.

Will Thyroid UK ever consider moving to another forum where there is more emphasis on people's questions and answers - the very reason people join the forum - rather than making a site pretty?

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Totoro, have you made your feedback to HU? If you are on the new style site you can click on the lightbulb bottom right of screen and select Send us a message. If you are on the old site email

You can revert to the old site by clearing cookies and restarting your browser until the new style site is rolled out.

I doubt there would be any advantage to TUK moving site provider. All site owners reserve the right to improve their sites and add bells and whistles as they see fit.


I've sent them an email. I'm not moving to the new site until my account is forced into it or if they actually remove white space and I can see people's posts.

I don't see them listening to feedback on this type of issue. People did leave the site after the last "upgrade" because it was harder to find posts/questions on a busy site. Now they've made it even harder. If they didn't listen last time, what chance is there that they will listen this time?

I used to be able to scan the front page of this website and see 10+ questions and reply to those where I had some experience. Then I could click over to posts and see 10+ more and do the same.

Now I come on the site and there are so many replies that on the front page there are 2 - 4 actual questions. If I changed to the newest site, that even admin state has "FAR too much white space", how many questions will I see? One?

I genuinely come to this site less because I can't see people's questions and posts easily. That's what Thyroid UK is all about to me, the people.


I was told that the changes are to accommodate laptop, tablets and smartphones. Some of the changes are improvements but others are retro, I agree :( Thank you for posting your feedback. The more people do this, the more likely that changes will be made prior to roll out.



We looked into moving last time - unfortunately there are some practical, technical and financial issues with this! :(

All we can do is hope that HU will listen to feedback from people and tweak things accordingly...

I have asked for feedback from them about WHY they have made certain changes... for example.. they have introduced double line spacing to posts... perhaps this is for people with poor eyesight or dyslexia...perhaps not...

I am waiting to hear back from them...

The fact is that HealthUnlocked has become VERY big and like other very big internet companies, they no longer have a close, personal relationship with their users... have you ever tried to contact Facebook...!?

Anyway..... the upshot is that we will not be moving and we can only hope that people will stick with us.




At the end of the day its the content that matters. The info and support on this forum is second to none. I remember the days before the internet. I wouldnt want to go back. Stick with it and we will get used to it im sure. Ps I didnt like the last upgade but I do prefer the new site. Am I the only one?

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I think it depends on the device and browser. I really like the version on my phone, except for a few minor issues. However, the one on chrome on my pc literally gives me a headache! They are planning on changing the font so that it looks good on all browsers, according to the response I received from them.

I agree that content is what's important but it does help if it's easy to use too :)

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I have written to Health Unlocked three times over the last year, they have not bothered to reply to any of my questions. I wish that we did not have to deal with them, they are obviously not too bothered about what we think. None of the other forums I belong to have a third party involved. I asked HU why some people found it confusing trying to find Thyroid UK on their site having to find "community", then finding the Thyroid UK forum, they didn't answer that one either!


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