Weak muscles

Apart from painful weak muscles in general has anyone ever had painful muscles at the front of the armpit going onto the breast tissue area. My muscles are very sore, weak and feel lumpy. When i lift something they feel that they are tearing. I dont think its directly because of my underactive thyroid. I know many people on here have more that one diagnosis and wondered if they symptoms ring any bells with anyone.




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  • Yes I get this when under medicated. These muscles also seem to shudder and vibrate as the tightness/soreness wears off. I think its due to being hypo in my case as it returns when I have to decrease my dose for any reason and was really bad when I was taken off meds for a while (long story!!). I also found it improved hugely when I managed to increase my vitamin D levels eventually.

  • For me, it was levo which caused muscle/joint pain - I could barely put one foot in front of the other or comb hair etc. It sounds like clinical symptoms.

    You may also be undermedicated. Get a new blood test and also B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate if they haven't been done as deficiencies can also cause problems.

  • They do sound like clinical symptoms dont they..not sure how to deal with it as iv become sensitive to thyroxine..i felt worse on a higher dose.

  • Do you think your GP will allow you to trial an alternative, such as a liquid levo?


  • I could ask..im always having a battle with my Gp..says i should trust her.....

  • We can trust them when we are improving slowly but some of us do have a problem with medications. It's worth a shot to ask her.

  • I agree. i can feel my energy zapping with my lowered medication..thanks

  • I've also had this, always on the left side. Before I knew I was hypothyroid, I was worried about it,because at one time a small lump also appeared in the armpit. It went down & I think it was a swollen lymph node. Now I know the discomfort comes back during hypo periods and disappears when I'm stable.

    I also get a similar feeling at the base of my throat, again on the left side, which again disappears when I'm stable.


  • It makes sense...i reduced meds due to palipitations but had them before that...bloods showing normal but we all know the reality of that is not always how we are feeling.

  • Before carb brought down hyper levels, my arm muscles (biceps) and thighs felt incredibly weak, tried to climb style and hardly made it... but sorted now and a year later ran 10k in 64 minutes, sounds like your bloods need to be tested....

  • Another trip to GP..they must hate me...thanks

  • I have fibrocystic disease, and I have huge lumps under my arm that are breast tissue, and god does it hurt. Not sure if that is the same thing hon. But I take EOP, evening oil of primrose. Maybe that might help?? The lumps are really big, I can grab a handful, I know sounds gross, I thought it was muscle pain, but I had worn a bra that must have rubbed on that area and I thought it was muscle then realized it was my fibrocystic thing. It is very painful but the EOP does help allot. X

  • Thats exactly what i can feel..grad the lumps but they are not rock solid like i susspect a tumour or growth to be.. thats why i didnt think along those lines. Yes they are very sore and i can feel them at the side of my arm pit. What causes these?

  • Well hon, all I know it that what I have is called Fibrocystic disorder or disease. I have had it all my life. It is not life threatening but I think they might be little benign maybe tumours. Not for sure but look it up and see if that might be what it is. Sometimes it hurts so much and they get very large. And I am pretty sure I read this is also thyroid related. Look up fibrocystic disease online and see if it applies to you. Good luck luv and let me know. Have you worn a different bra or something like that? X x x

  • Not wore anything different. Will read up about it..thanks

  • Ps hon, it is much better since I started NDT and Evening oil of primrose. X x

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