Tight, painful muscles

I cannot recall the site but I was doing my usual trawl through the internet for various medical conditions (I should have been a doctor but I'm not brainy enough and like people too much.) I read a article about why muscles become tight and painful. The theory was that with any metabolic condition enough ATP does not enter the muscle; the muscles contract but do not release. If this lack of ATP continues over a long time the muscles lose their ability to expand, remaining fixed and tight.

This sounded logical to me. If I get to find it I'll post the link.

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  • penny

    you may find this link interesting



  • Yes please, I'd be interested in reading that.

  • I found the same symtpoms listed with magnesium deficiency and although I don't remember it linking with ATP my brain probably would not have taken that in. I think Dr Lowe writes about ATP and tight muscles, possibly in a linke with T3.

  • Yup, flower007, that's the one. I'd have thought that I'd have lovely, stretchy muscles by now as I'm on T3 only...they are still tight and solid.

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