My latest antibodies blood test show 186, but gp said should be 34 or under! Is this correct as av been told otherwise by different gp?

I've got graves and am a Ceoliac too. Was given radio iodine, 2 years ago but levels never normal. They're either a little high or a little low. I only have to blink, and am wet through with sweat, and my legs constantly ache. I'm only 42, but have got myself a bath chair, as can hardly stand up in the mornings. Any ideas peeps? Thanks x

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  • Kalani, if the antibodies detected are thyroid peroxidase then you also have the autoimmune disease Hashimoto's. Can you post your recent TSH, FT4 and FT3 results and let us know how much Levothyroxine you take?

  • The gp changes my dose from 50 to 75 mcg every few months as they're at a loss at what to do next. At the moment i take 50 and 75 on alternative days. I haven't got a copy of my last blood test results, but apparently, it's "slightly hyper". U guys seem to all understand TSH etc, but I can't get my head round it, think I'm gonna have to, though, as gp's obviously haven't !

  • Kalani, ask your GP receptionist for a copy of your recent thyroid blood results and we'll talk you through how to interpret them. Doctors have funny ideas about what is normal and what is hyper.

  • How are your iron levels? Have they been checked - serum iron and ferritin. Then of course the others: B12, folate and Vit D. All need to be high in range. I have Graves and TT. My symptoms were similar before I discovered I was anaemic. I now take a daily Spatone supplement. Graves people are often low in iron, following the way their body has been suffering with the over activity.

  • Will do, I just went on Wikipedia n looked at hashimoto and am crying my eyes out, cos it's me in a nut shell!! Maybe now I will finally get answers. Gonna get results tomorrow and let u know. Thanks a million. Xx

  • My lymphocyte is 1.34 when it shud b between 1.5-3.5. My serum creatinine (XE2q5) is 53, shud b between 55-100. The thyroid peroxidase is 183, shud b 34 or less. Everything else ok . Any ideas??

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