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Day 5 on NDT, slightly shaky legs. Is this anything to worry about?

Started on the NDT 5 days ago, and feel fine apart from very slight internal shaky sort of feeling, in the legs/knees. It almost feels like when you get hungry, and need to eat something. It's not there all the time, comes and go and is very minor. Otherwise, I don't have any other problem so far. I'm taking 1/2 of a grain so far, split into two doses. 6 am and 1 pm ish, with a view to increasing by another half after 7 - 14 days.

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Sip, it's probably your body adjusting to the thyroxine it's been short of. I really wouldn't worry unless it intensifies. You're taking it nice and slowly so unlikely to have problems.


I know that strange internal shaking in the legs and knees. If I leaned on my hand for some time, it would happen there too but is all better with NDT, so have faith that it is just early adjustments and take it slowly, just as you are doing.


Thank you so much - this has put my mind at rest a little!

Do you think my next increase should be by another 1/4 rather than a full 1/2?

I have noticed today my pulse has gone up a little. It's been hovering around 50 - 55 on a good day (47 on a bad day!) but today, my resting pulse was 60! That is good, isn't it?!


Hi sip1,

Some people are fine increasing by 1/2 grain and others are a little more sensitive and need to take it a bit slower at 1/4 of a grain. You will know if 1/2 is too much for you. Take it at your own pace. Clarebear wrote a really comprehensive blog in posts about her journey on NDT and you might find it useful and reassuring to read. for some of us it takes a bit longer to get to our final dosage so listen to your body and continue to take it slowly and of course keep asking the questions!


Thanks joesmum. I think I might increase by a quarter next - I have noticed that the shaky feeling is a couple of hours after I've taken it, which then wears off until my next dose I believe. Same with the heart rate - because when I checked last night before going sleep, it'd gone back down to 47 from 60. It was 60 a couple of hours after taking the second dose. I'm thinking it hasn't built up enough to have a lasting effect yet?

Still concerned it's because of my cortisol level not being optimal. It's better than it was, but I still think the morning cortisol is too low. I'm willing my adrenal cortex to turn up in the post this morning!


Sample 1) 12.4 (12 – 22)

Sample 2) 6.1 (5.0 – 9.0)

Sample 3) 4.4 (3.0 – 7.0)

Sample 4) 1.0 (1.0 – 3.0)

Daily cortisol 23.9 (21 – 41)


This is a link which may be helpful:-


Thanks Shaws. It's actually stopped now - I haven't had it happen for a couple of days, so I wonder if it was just my body getting used to it. It will be interesting to see if it returns when I increase, although I received my adrenal cortex extract this morning which I'm hoping will help with the low cortisol issue. Just a bit stumped as to when to take it exactly!!?? As ideally I'd like to take the first one early when I take the NDT, but not sure about taking both at the same time?


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